Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

I have been going through our house and cleaning it out and putting things in their place, I decided that it was time to tackle our closets, come see the tips I deemed worthy and leave me your own!  

I am on a mission to organize my closet! I am finally ready to admit that cute skirt I bought in 1998 that still has tags on it will never be worn by me! I have some tips to share with you to help you eliminate items you don’t need or won’t wear and extend the life of the clothes you do wear.
Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

The first step is to take all of your clothes out of your closet and drawers. Examine them with careful thought. If anything is damaged, stained or in otherwise poor condition, set it aside to be disposed of.
Next, think about the clothes, the size of the clothes and the last time you wore that particular article of clothing. This one is easy. If something is out of style, not the right size, or you can’t remember wearing it last, place it in the discard pile.
As you begin to place your clothes back in your closet, take note of any article of clothing that you realistically won’t wear in the next 6 months. The Christmas sweaters? Unless you really love wearing them, ditch them. Do you feel like those pants are too tight so you rarely wear them? Discard them.
FYI, you shouldn’t hang your sweaters! They should be folded and stored in a drawer.
As you place your clothes back into your closet, leave space between the hangers. Clothes that are crammed together will wrinkle. Plus, this just makes it easier to see what you have to work with. 
Now that you have placed all of your clothes back in your closet, do you see a noticeable difference? Every time I clean out my closet there are at least 6 items in the discard pile!
A tip to extend the life of your clothing is that not every garment needs to be washed after it is worn. Excessive washing will wear out clothing and make it look… well, worn! As an example, if your jeans look and smell clean, there is no reason to wash them after one wear. I know this might sound gross, but it isn’t.
Another way to clean jeans I have heard is to freeze them in your freezer. This saves wear and tear on your favorite jeans as well!
Avoid using metal hangers, as they can cause sags and droops in the shoulders of your shirts and blouses over time.
Do you have any tips to care for extending the life of clothing? How organized is your closet? I can’t wait to hear from you!
  • It’s always funny to me how you could have just went through and cleaned it all and you could do it the next week again and still get rid of things – cracks me up.

    • I just wish I could start over! I’ve told my S.O. if I’m not home he’s free to do whatever.

  • Rose Powell

    great tips, you have inspired me to really think about the clothes I’ve been hoarding. When we moved last year, I really got rid of some stuff. Now that we have to move again, I think I’ll purge it all again, some clothes have sat in boxes the entire year, some in a bunch haven’t been touched, I think I’ll part with them once and for all. Thank you for the inspiration, never hear about the freezer bit.

    • It’s so freeing to get rid of things. I am loving that I am getting rid of so much for our yard sale, though really am ready for it all to go already and not sit around my house lol

  • Right now my closet is VERY disorganized. I usually hang things by COLOR, but that’s not happening now. My laundry situation is so bad that I’ve recruited my teenager to help me hang. My S.O. is helping me with the strength to let things go. We’re not buying any more hangers. Instead I’m donating.

    • I organize by color too and then short and long sleeve and in back dresses and Jason’s clothes.

  • I have the book, but I haven’t really turned any pages. I know I NEED to and want to. Maybe after my vacation next week I’ll be ready to tackle a whole new bunch of things.