The Story of Roxy and Sam

The Story of Roxy and Sam

*Disclaimer by Mommy before Roxy takes over:  Debbie got Sam right before we acquired Roxy, Sam was just a teeny tiny puppy when I first met him.  But even though we have had our dogs about the same time, it wasn’t until this last year that Roxy and Sam have gotten together and started play dates together.  So for Roxy this is a newish relationship. *

Hi, guys!!  Roxy here.  I know it’s been far too long since I graced you all with my presence, but Mommy was busy and couldn’t help me type up any posts recently.  She finally has a bit of time to help me with this post today and I am so excited to share with you all my friend Sam!

The Story of Roxy and Sam

The Story of Roxy and Sam

Auntie Debbie brought over this dog with her one day.  He wouldn’t get out my butt.  Everywhere I went he would stick his nose up my butt.  I could not shake him.  I finally started nipping at him and sitting down and finally shook him out of my butt.  But boy wasn’t that an annoying way to make a friend.  Sam just didn’t know he should only sniff a few times, he thought he had to be attached to me by the butt with his nose.

I’m so glad he has learned to back off cause now we are the best of friends, just like Auntie Debbie and Mommy.


Sam is pretty awesome once you get to know him.  He likes to chase squirrels and rough play like I do.  I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

Just this last weekend we got to spend two days together.  Boy was I a tired girl after all that play, but it was all so well worth it.  We chased each other around in the yard and over the house back and forth.  And we barked and growled and just had a ball of fun.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 275 - Roxy and Sam Playing

But, I must tell you…Sam, well, he peed on me.  I think he was marking me as his and because he peed on  me Mommy had to give me a bath at Auntie Debbie’s, boy was that an awful thing.  I was so mad at Sam for peeing right on my head, only because I had to get a bath so I didn’t stink.  Otherwise, it was okay by me, I didn’t mind the smell one bit.

I was kind of giddy that Sam claimed me as his if I were to tell you the truth.  Isn’t that what best friends do is claim each other?

Anyway, Sam and I have so much fun together and I look forward to having another playdate with him soon.

Who is your best friend?  What kind of fun do you guys get into like Sam and I? I can’t wait to hear all about it, maybe Sam and I can learn a thing or two from what you all do.