How To Boo Your Neighbor For Halloween

How To Boo Your Neighbor

I had applied for a “Booing” Campaign on SoFab and I was so excited by it and was itching to get approved for it so I could do some “booing” on my neighbors, maybe even more than one.  Instead, I didn’t get chosen and after being sad and thinking well I guess I am not doing that now.  I thought, well what the world I am still doing it!

Booing is, if others don’t know, when you fill up a bucket or other thing with all sort of goodies for your neighbors. You then knock/ring and run so that they don’t see you.  They then have been “Booed”!  What fun, right? 

When I was little we had a few neighbors that would do that for May Day with flowers.  Right away I thought of that when I read across this campaign.  I must do this I thought.  I want to make my neighbors feel like I did when I opened the door and saw those flowers sitting there.

My husband and I got into it completely and ended up doing two different buckets.  One for the adults in the household and one for the kids in the household.  I’ll take you through how we decided what to fill with our cute pumpkins and hope you’ll take the chance to Boo Your Neighbor!

How To Boo Your Neighbor

Who Are You Going To Boo

Decide first who you are going to be “booing”.  That’ll steer you a bit better once you go to fill your item with goodies for them.  Do you know them well or not very much at all?  Do they like candy or do they try to steer away from it? 

We went with our newer neighbors that took the time to come over for our last BBQ, Game Night and My Birthday party. They seem great and we kind of knew them to make it a bit more personal.

Something To Put It All In

Decide what you are going to buy to put all your goodies in to give your neighbor.  Will it be a cute little pumpkin bucket? A regular basket? Or something completely out of the box of thinking?  

Boo Your Neighbor - Boo Bucket

Find that first so you know how much you’ll need to fill this and kind of build of it for your theme of goodies.  We went with these cute little pumpkin buckets, that were on sale and were just so cute and perfect.

Filling It

What are you going to be putting in this boo gift?  Are you going to go completely Halloween or go a bit off the beaten path to surprise them with?

Since we did pumpkins, we went more Halloween themed.  

For the adults: We did two beer for each of them and then a seasonal pumpkin beer.  Also, put in Halloween cookie cutters with a box of sugar cookie mix and icing for the cookies.

For the kids: They have two kids, so we wanted to make sure we put two of everything in it for the most part.  A corn cob popcorn thing, gloves for each kid, an apple juice each and little glow in the dark things.  I think we may have filled in a bit more, but I can’t recall what now.  I should have written it down, especially since I knew I wanted to throw up a post about it.

Giving It

When you are going to give them the boo gift.  Are you going to make sure they are home first so it doesn’t get stolen like we did?  Or you going to try to do it when they aren’t home so you can make sure you aren’t seen?

Jason did it late Monday night and ended up kind of getting caught.  Which was okay, so at least they knew the gifts were safe.  We both got such a thrill out of the Boo Your Neighbor.

Will you be Booing Your Neighbor?  What will you do?  Have you ever been “booed”?