4 Simple Words That Need To Stop Now

There are certain words that people say or mutter that just drive me batty.  I am no public speaker at all, the very idea of speaking in front of people completely freaks me out and spoken words just are not my friends.  

But with that said there are certain words that people say in spoken form that just drive me nuts and want me to say where did you learn to speak?  Really?

4 Simple Words That Need To Stop Now

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4 Simple Words That Need To Stop Now

You Know

Watching a news program and they are asking them what happened or some other simple question, yes they are asking them a question.  Fill them in.  Well, it went this way, you know.  No, we don’t know.  Stop saying you know every two seconds while telling us a story.  We do not know.  Stop it!  Tell your story, pause and go on.  Don’t feel the need to stop and say you know as you collect yourself.  

Or ever have a conversation with a person and you are sitting there talking normal.  All of the sudden after every couple of sentences they are saying you know.  ugh.  No.  Just stop.  You know?? haha See what I did there?


Again.  Simply telling us something that happened.  Or just your average daily run down.  And the person is going like this happened and like I didn’t like it.  Why the need for like after these simple words?  What do them mean?  Like do you even know?

I am good with telling me you like strawberries.  You like to take long walks on the beach.  Those likes make total sense. But when you are placing it in where it doesn’t even make sense, like, don’t do it.  Okay?


I hear this all the time.  All the freaking time.  Especially with what are supposed to be well-spoken people.  They have a pause in their speech, instead of just staying silent for a moment and letting them compose something they say uhm, uhm. Just stop it already.  It doesn’t sound professional at all.  

I get even these type of people sometimes don’t do well making speeches, I get that.  But someone needs to get a handle on these uhms.

That’s what she said

This older phrase just grates on my every single nerve when people say it anymore.  It was funny at first, but now, it’s just way overused and annoying.  Just wipe it from your mind and move on.  Please.  

It’s no longer funny and way passed it’s time of funny.

What are some words or phrases that you think people just need to stop using or rather use at the right context?  I can’t wait to hear yours!

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  • Leah C

    The words “just” and “sorry” are overused too.

    • I’m guilty with saying just a lot, but it annoys me too lol

      • Leah C

        Same here, I’ve been trying hard to set a better example for my boys but it’s so hard.

  • aprilaakre

    I think so many people use these in public speaking because they are nervous or just trying to fill in the story. My husband still says thats what she said. LOL I agree with Leah people using sorry but then they continue the thing they just apologized for. I tell my son all of the time when you use sorry every time but don’t change your actions the word starts to mean less.

    • I know they are, but please just stop lol Calm yourself and just think for a second, you don’t need to fill the silent thought with uhm, and you know?
      And sorry is true…I think you should only say it in the case that you are truly sorry for something that happened or you did. Not just as an every day thrown around term for everything in life.

  • Dina

    Fixin….I hate that word…you’re not fixin to go to the store…you’re about too!

  • Nori

    Lol. We still get a good “That’s what she said,” in from time to time in this house. Like, it’s a classic phrase that will never go away. You know?

    • I see what you did there, hush your mouth 😉 lol
      We have a friend that says/said it all the time, it started to grate on my ever last nerve.

  • The first 3 are mainly fillers, and I agree, they don’t generally have purpose in conversation, and especially not in speeches. I do have to admit though that I use them when I get nervous. I recently went through a boot camp for my essential oils business, and one of the main takeaways was that when you are teaching a class, DO NOT use those fillers. If you get nervous or tripped up, it is much better to just pause for a second and compose yourself and your thoughts before continuing. Using the fillers takes away from your authority. Great post.

    • Right! That is exactly the point. Pause collect yourself, it’s okay to be quiet for a minute.
      Thank you 🙂