Project 52 – Week 39 – Negative Space #Project52Photos

Project 52 - Negative Space

Welcome to Project 52. One theme, one photo, once a week. Simple. I hope this project will help you grow as a photographer. Amy, Sarah and I are going to co-host this link up each week. Each of us will pick a favorite from the previous link up to share each week.

I really had no idea what I was going to do for the theme of negative space for this last week.  I had no idea it was actually a photo term until Saturday when I asked Jason negative space is a photo type isn’t it?  Here I had been thinking it was like an area that made me feel negative.  Totally the wrong line of thinking!

Before though I share this last weeks photo  that I went with, right or wrong, I want to share with you all my favorite from those that linked up last week with the theme of above.

My personal favorite was from Sarah over at 2Paws Designs with her photo from above of her daughter looking through some books.  Love love!


Project 52 – Week 39 – Negative Space

As I stated above, I really had no idea what negative space was in terms of a photo.  I have so much to learn.  I even thought about just skipping this week and letting it go.  But, me being me, I decided to just go out and take a photo today before it grew dark and hope that I had the concept down enough to pass for negative space.

Project 52 - Negative Space

I can’t wait to see how you took negative space, so link up below please and share with us all.

Here are the themes for the next 52 Weeks. Feel free to join in at any time! Project52Photos Feel free to join us on instagram using the hashtag #Project52Photos.

Project 52

This Weeks Theme: Reflection

Next Weeks Theme: Button

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Project 52


Come back next Friday and link up your “Reflection” photo.

  • Thanks for the feature! I feel like I sort of went lazy on that challenge. I meant to take a photo of something above me, but it never happened. And I googled this week’s challenge! Definitely still learning over here too. Part of why I enjoy this (and want to go back to complete the 2 challenges I have skipped) – this project is forcing me to take the time to learn a few things I have wanted to know and, hopefully, improve my photography as I do.

    I like your power lines for this week’s photo! I was initially thinking of something along those lines (haha … forgive the pun!) and didn’t think about it when I was near any.

    • I totally had to google this weeks challenge several times myself. After seeing a few examples today I felt that I could at least try and was sure I’d get at least one that might pass for it. lol
      Why I too joined the challenged and hosted is because i wanted to expand more and yet I skip quite a few of things I didn’t understand as well, which I totally didn’t mean to do.

      And thank you 🙂