Sweet Holiday Memories Hop – $25 PayPal ends 12/1/15

Sweet Holiday Memories Hop - $25 PayPal

I am all about the giveaways lately.  You all know how much I love giving and I love the boost I get when having an active giveaway or two.  Maybe you came for a giveaway of mine, but you’ll poke around at some other jewels I have around the blog.  That would be lovely!  

Sweet Holiday Memories Nov 15 - Dec 1. LeahSays Views

This time around I am taking part in the Sweet Holiday Memories Hop hosted by LeahSay’s Views & Planet Weidknecht. Everyone that is partaking in the hop has a something valued at $25+, so take the time to hop around to everyone and enter all that you’d like.

This go around I am giving out a $25 PayPal, so as long as you have a valid PayPal account you can enter.   Enter below via gleam for all your chances and remember to come back daily as the entries may change!  Open worldwide as long as you have that paypal account for me to send to!

As always, the winner will have 48 hours from the time I email them as the winner to get back to me with their information or I will be forced to pick a new winner.

Sweet Holiday Memories Hop - $25 PayPal

Sweet Holiday Memories Hop
Now that you have entered mine, hop around to everyone else and find some other goodies to enter!

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  • Lisa Brown

    i will use it for groceries

  • Laura B

    I will use this for Christmas gifts if I win!

  • Elena

    I would buy Christmas gifts

  • Debbie Gibson

    Christmas gifts

  • Janet Watson

    I will use this towards a Christmas gift for my grandson, a new Bruder toy truck.

  • wildnmild4u

    I would most likely buy a pair of stylish boots.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    If I win the $25, I would put it towards my Christmas shopping.

  • Outrun1986

    I will buy groceries for the holidays.

  • Leah

    I’ll probably put it to a new pair of boots for the winter snow and ice!

  • Lindsay Giedosh

    I’ll use it on Etsy to buy Christmas gifts

  • Mj Gardner

    My daughter really wants a new guitar for Christmas so I would put it towards that.

  • Lauren

    I would buy Christmas gifts.

  • amy guillaume linderman

    i will buy groceries for my christmas gathering with it

  • Shea Adams

    I would use it to buy Christmas gifts for my son.

  • Molli Vandehey

    im raising money for an evaluator in a bad custody case, i would use it for that

  • shesnoalice

    I think I would probably buy a few things off Amazon or Etsy! I just got in to bible journaling, so I’d like to get some more supplies.

  • Claire Rheinheimer

    I will apply this to another WAHM cloth diaper for my daughter.

  • Kelly O’Malley

    I would use this to buy my husband a pair of winter boots for Christmas. He works outside and could really use a good pair of boots πŸ™‚

  • Breanna Pollard

    I would buy some groceries.

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    I would put it toward a bill so I’ll be ahead for the holidays. Thank-you!!

  • Ty Williams

    I would buy a holiday gift for one of my daughters.

  • steve weber

    I would put it towards a birthday gift for my dad.

  • I would buy myself some sweet groceries.

  • Erika Perez

    I will be buying a christmas present for a child i am sponsoring through the food bank

  • I would be some fun snow toys for my babies

  • Amanda Webber

    Good Luck Everyone!!

  • Kate F.

    I would use it to buy a Christmas gift.

  • Elisabeth

    I would use it to put towards a baby swing!

  • Lana Bradstream

    I would use it for Christmas presents

  • urcnstarz

    I would use it towards Christmas gifts. Every little bit helps πŸ™‚

  • Marti Tabora

    I would use it to buy myself a new pair of jeans, I could really use them. Thanks.

  • Julie Waldron

    I would probably use it towards Christmas gifts.

  • Bebe

    It would probably be used for a couple of early Christmas presents ~ it would be great to have a little extra this year πŸ™‚

  • FortuonaPaendrag

    I will leave it in my account to pay for Hulu Plus!

  • Leela

    I’d use it for groceries.

  • carawling

    I fi won this paypal I would use it towards getting my boyfriend his christmas gift.

  • Jeanna Schirm Massman

    I would get something special for my grandson for Christmas.

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    I would buy some stocking stuffers Thanks for the chance Happy Holidays

  • I would save the money towards my sons’ college fund.

  • scottsgal

    I’d put it in our vacation slush fund

  • I love PayPal, you can buy ANYTHING with it. I have no idea what I might buy if I won this, but it would be spent!

  • Donna B

    I’ll use it for Christmas shopping.

  • Humberto Campos

    id buy my a game for christmas xD starcraft 2 legacy of the void πŸ˜›

  • Stacy

    I would buy my husband something for Christmas

  • Betsy R Barnes

    If I won, I would use the PayPal on some new Christmas tree ornaments πŸ™‚

  • I’m saving up for new knobs for my kitchen cabinets!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  • Daniel M

    would use for holiday shopping

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    If I won, I would use this to buy my daughter a charm for her charm bracelet for Christmas.

  • polishedaway

    If I were lucky enough to win, this would go towards buying Christmas gifts for my kids.

  • Holly Ann

    If I won this I would use the money to go towards our rent.

  • Patricia Colletti

    I would like to win the cash to pay for a gift for my nephew

  • Francine Anchondo

    I would use it towards a bill

  • Norma

    I’d use it for taking my daughter to breakfast!

  • BerkeleyHapa

    We’re saving for a new refrigerator!

  • Crystal Gomez

    I’ buy my hubby something nice for Christmas!

  • Susan Smith

    I will use it to buy Christmas gifts

  • Jeanette Jackson

    I will get an extra toy for my grandson

  • Birdiebee

    I would use it to buy a shirt I want on eBay.

  • Hannah Chase

    I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my family.

  • Jasmine Patterson

    I would put it towards Christmas gifts!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    If I won I would buy some gluten free snacks for my son.

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would use it to go to the movies.