What Would I Do First With A Million Dollars?

What Would I Do First With A Million Dollars?

What Would I Do First With A Million Dollars? This has been a huge topic of conversation this past month with the Powerball jackpot increasing draw by draw with no winner.  There was finally three winners in last week’s drawing!  Of course, the Powerball jackpot is way more than a million, but still the question remains.  What would you do if you won or were given a large sum of money?

I asked Angie’s Angle facebook page the other day what you all would do if you were the one to win the big old Powerball! Reading your answers were fun!  And really got me to thinking…

What Would I Do First With A Million Dollars?

What Would I Do First With A Million Dollars? 

Oddly, one of the very first things I’d do probably sounds silly to some of you but big to me.

Get my Hair Did

I know, it’s not something most of you would think to do first.  But since I rarely go to the get my hair done, and rarely splurge on anything but a regular haircut and full dye job.

I’d get my hair cut, colored and most likely would color it purple.  I’ve always wanted purple, but I just can’t justify doing it, with the money I’d feel okay doing it.  I think I may even get the purple on top and black underneath or vice versa, that would be fun and I have many pictures pinned on pinterest of hair dye jobs like that.

I’d also finally try out the Keratin system on my hair and see if I like it.  

I’d totally feel like that million bucks!

After that, it would be the more normal approach….

Buy a Car & Truck

We’d without a doubt be going out to buy each of us a new vehicle.  Both of ours now are major poop heads and have issues, so having fresh wheels would be amazing.

I used to say that I wanted a Mazda 3 or Mazda 6 if I could have any car I wanted, but sadly I am not a huge of the new design of them now, so I am completely clueless on what I’d get now.  I bet Jason would get a Ford truck, though!

Invest, Save, Stash

Without a doubt one of the very first things would be storing our money away, investing it to make it grow even more.  We would not ever be broke again.  We’d make sure of that.

This and That

After all that, the important stuff, we’d see where we were and slowly do things to fit our world and time.  Buy a house, and/or update this one, travel.  You know just enjoy it and not have to worry so much.

How would you spend your money? What would you do first?