Currently – February

Currently - Angies Angle

Since I always enjoyed reading these link-ups I decided what a better way to start the new year than by adding in a new link up to start it out.  Thanks to Anne & Jenna for hosting!  I look forward to hopefully completing the full year of currently prompts! Here we are with Currently – February prompts!  Won’t you join us?

Currently – February

sending: packages from my past giveaways.  Along with well wishes to my good friend Jacklyn, as she goes through some major health stuff.  She hasn’t been far from my thoughts at all since I first heard something was wrong a few weeks ago.  I wish I could see her in person, even though we’ve only met once before in person.  If you could put her on your good thoughts, prayers list please, it would be greatly appreciated.  

eating: everything?  Actually, we have tried to clean back up our eating.  We are doing our morning smoothies, making sure we are getting more whole foods in our routine and vegetables.  Along with trying to eat out less.  It all adds up, not only for our health but our budget.

dreaming: of a vacation.  We so need to get to our coast it’s not even funny.  We went for a real quick trip back in October, but we need a longer period and a real getaway.  We are both itching to go, but it’s wait and see if we can do it soon or not.  We’d ideally like to go with other people, not only to save us a bit of money on our vacation rental but the pure enjoyment of going with others. 

smelling:  my downy unstoppable’s from the blanket that is on my lap.

hearting: instagram again.  I’ll admit I don’t look at the others photos as often as I should.  But, I go through a few hours worth most soccer evenings now.  It’s kind of my routine. I just get giddy over it sometimes and get some major love feelings over it.  I love photos and nothing makes me more happy than a place to share all mine and goo all over others.  Follow me?