The Flowers You’ll See In My Garden

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 237 - Yellow Rose

The flowers you’ll see in my garden vary with my mood and taste and most likely what just happens to already be growing.  I don’t have a green thumb, I just don’t.  I’ve tried and failed to keep things alive.  It also doesn’t mean that I don’t like flowers, plants and veggies to be grown around our house.  Hence, why I keep trying time and time again. Maybe sometime down the line, I’ll get the hang of it or just keep killing the lovely things after a time spent in my care.  

Each spring we try to get the garden area ready so we can actually plant vegetables for the season, but each time in the five years we’ve lived in this house, we’ve failed to accomplish that.  We have this huge plot of area in the backyard that had been a garden, but it has to be tilled before we can do anything with it.  Therefore, we need to borrow or rent a tiller and it just never has happened yet.  We are hoping for this year once again, though, let’s hope it finally comes to head.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 243 - Progress in the Yard

When we moved into this house, which is the house Jason grew up in, by the way, I plan to get into that more in later posts, there was just too much clutter in the flower bed areas and the trees and just overrun in our opinion.  We’ve slowly been weeding out what we don’t want so down the line we can actually plant what we like.  There are bulbs EVERYWHERE though.  You dig a billion out and a billion more to be found.

Now getting back to the subject here, there are a few flowers you’ll find in my garden!

The Flowers You’ll See In My Garden


I love and adore tulips.  They are so pretty.  It makes me so sad that they are such a short-lived flower.  Nothing gets more excited than seeing that first tulip sprouting its wings!  Give me all the different colors and varieties please to enjoy.

Day-25252096-252520-252520Tulips-252520at-252520the-252520Neighbors_thumb-25255B13-25255D Catch the Moment 365 - Day 99 - Red Tulip Day-252520116-252520-252520Yellow-252520Tulip_thumb-25255B6-25255D


Yellow roses, please.  I do enjoy all colors of roses, but for some reasons the yellow ones really make me smile and feel happy.  We do have several actual rose bushes around but need to gain control of them to enjoy them more.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 237 - Yellow Rose


Again a shorter lived flower, but oh so cute and pretty.  There are so many different varieties and they are all beautiful and amazing little things.

Those are probably my three favorites, but you’ll find I point out or fall in love with different types.  I might not even know the name of them or how to grow them.  But I’ll fall in love with them and have to have them.


Our yard, our house in general, needs a lot updating and help.  I plan to do some blog posts to showcase how everything looks now and then be able to show off our after pictures along the way.

What do you grow in your garden? Do you have a green thumb?

  • aprilaakre

    so many pretty flowers. I plant all kinds of flowers in my front yard. I have tulips that come up once a year by my mailbox they are so pretty. I have daffodils that come up right by my porch. In my garden I plant veggies but I had no luck last year so I am not sure if I will do a garden this year.

    • Thanks April! Aren’t flowers amazing little things. Those bright pop of color on days when you need it. We have a few daffodils running around too, but I think I pulled a lot of the bulbs because they were going EVERYWHERE.

  • Savvy WorkingGal

    I’m into gardening too. We bought my husband’s aunt and uncle’s home several years ago. I’ve added way too many flower gardens. It is a lot of work, but so worth it. I stick to mostly perennials. I got rid of my tulips because I hated how they look after they’ve flowered despite being so gorgeous while in bloom. DH created several new beds last fall entirely devoted to tulips, so we shall see how it goes and looks.

    • I am not a fan of how tulips look when they are done either, as I am with a lot of flowers we have around here. But for my tulips I’ll live with it. Gotta have my tulips. I am really hope we totally shape up our outside space this spring/summer!