5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again #FeelTheLove

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again - Heading

Jason and I have been together a very long time. We met in real life in July of 1998, moved in together February 1999 and have been together since.  We were married June 2003.  Since we have been together as long as we have, it’s easy to lose that spark and just go into your regular routines without much thought or connecting.  We know we love each other and don’t want to be with anyone else, but that doesn’t mean we should just set ourselves up in our patterns and not try anymore.  Quite often it’s just hard to make your relationship spark again like it did in the beginning.


Our first family photo in the top right corner.


Our wedding day.

Which is why I thought today it would be fun to throw together a quick list of things couples can do to help make your relationship spark again.

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again - Heading

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again

Laugh Together – first foremost to make your relationship spark again or even not lose that spark is to laugh together.  Happy, connected couples laughter together.  It can be going to a comedy club, watching a funny movie at home, having game night with just you two or a group.  There are countless ways you can make sure you laugh together and laugh together often.

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again - Laughter

Date Nights and Getaways – make sure you have date nights or date nights where you go out as a group with no children.  Plan random getaways for just the two of you or again with others, it’s all about that bonding time that you can build memories on.  The reason I include groups as opposed to just the two of you; is because for us we are always together alone, we tend to have more fun and build more time together if we are around others.  But do as you see fit and like, it’s all about what makes you two happy.  What bonds you.


Random Love Notes – leave random notes that tell just what you like about your partner, what you plan to do with your partner.  You can leave them on the bathroom mirror, in the car for them to find on their way to work, in their lunch box, or just text them randomly with them.  The fun is all yours.  But telling them must how much you mean to them is a great way to make your relationship spark again.

Touch – simply touching one another helps make your relationship spark again.  Simple hand holding, cuddling, and massages are just some of the ways you can get that touch that helps spark up those old butterfly feelings.  Not only that, but I bet it also helps your stress level.  

The Fiera – let’s be honest things in the bedroom can get bad.  You get set on doing things a set way and by the time you are in bed you just way to tired to even think about anything else but relaxing going to sleep.  The Fiera for her is meant to be used for couples.  To help rev up her system without lots of prep work. It simply attaches on with a  bit of water or water based lubrication.  You’ll see a solid purple light when it’s properly suctioned and you can then choose the settings you are wanting.

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again - Fiera For Her Side View

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Spark Again - Fiera For Her

I’ll admit when I received the Fiera free to review, I was scared to actually use it once I got it.  I was afraid it would feel funny or I wouldn’t like it.  Happily that wasn’t the case at all, I enjoyed it and it was much simpler to apply than I was fearing it was going to be.  It didn’t take long at all before it felt completely natural.  

I’m talking about an easy way to revive your sex life and make your relationship spark again.  It’s really laughable how simple this little gadget is and how well it does indeed work.  You’ll love it and never regret buying it.

You can simply buy it on Amazon right now and then sign up at Fiera for a newsletter for even more relationship refresher tips like the ones I stated above.  Getting intimate can be fun and easy once again.  

What are some ways you are looking to make your relationship spark again?  Will you be looking into the Fiera to help boost it along?  Again, really you should – hands down it’s amazing!

Thanks to Fiera for the spark to this idea on ways to make your relationship spark again!