Introducing You To Our House

Our House

I had this lovely idea a few months back that I’d walk you all through each room of our house and show you what it looks like now and what we hope to do along the way.  Mind you, we’ve been in this house since 2011 and haven’t done a thing really unless it broke since we’ve been in, but we have plans lots and lots of plans.

Before I start in on each room and outside area of the house, though, I wanted to take a moment and do a post introducing you to our house so you can get a feel of the house overall and a bit of the history behind it.

Introducing You To Our House

Introducing You To Our House

As I said we moved into this house February of 2011.  Though it’s to be noted, the history of the house doesn’t begin then.  The history of “us” in the house does, though.

The bones of this house were first built though in 1925 and has a few additions along the way.  The rooms are odd-shaped and the flow isn’t great, so it makes the main level seem smaller than it actually is.  

Jason’s Dad came along in 1971 (or 1973 – Jason swears it was ’73 while the house sites say ’71) and bought the house and it has been in the family since.  Jason lived in this house until he was 12, in 1983 and has many stories of the house and the neighborhood itself.  While Jason’s dad has owned the house, he has only “rented” to family and we really didn’t think we’d get in here though we had talked about it several times over the years of us being together.

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It was kind of amazing when we got the call asking if we wanted to move in back in January of 2011, we were amazed and excited.  My excitement axed itself though when we first got into this house and saw all the stuff left and how dirty it was and I worried how are we going to get our furniture upstairs for that to be our room?  No worries, we got our stuff up to the attic bedroom, it was just a bit tricky.

It took awhile for me to enjoy this house and for it to feel like my home.  It does now, but will even more once we can start in on updating it and fixing it up.  It’s been very slow on actually getting anything done just because of lack of money and time, but both seem to be slightly shifting in our favor even if it’s a little bit here and a little bit there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed me Introducing You To Our House and hope you’ll stick around to see the rest of the house and what we hope to do.

  • RoseSiders

    I’m excited to see the rest of the house. The front is cute, I am jealous of your front porch. We have one of those like 3 foot by 3 foot concrete slabs. Its so lame. I love hearing about other people’s DIY projects and ideas. And the history with the house being in Jason’s family is really cool!

    • We love the porch, but don’t let it fool you it too needs to be completely redone which hopefully will finally be done this spring/summer. Long overdue. I am excited by this series though and I hope others are too! – – I thought about adding in what needs to be done with this front picture, but decided it was all about introducing it and not stating anything that needs to be done…etc lol

  • Carmita Barnes

    Great pic of the house and I to love the porch ! Would so love to have a nice front porch !

    • Thanks sis. I can’t wait to show the porch once we redo it.

  • I love the porch too. I’ve always liked that craftsman style type of house, which is pretty popular around here. Its way better than my cookie cutter place since it has character and charm.

    • Thanks Jenny πŸ™‚ Hopefully it’ll be a bit more charming once we can get the updates and love going.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Such an adorable house!! Can’t wait to see more pictures πŸ˜€

    Edye //

    • Thanks so much! I’m excited to show it all and hopefully afters too πŸ˜‰

  • Sue Hull

    Very cute house! It looks like a house in martinez,Ca. I love the big porch πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Sue!! Hopefully the porch will be even more charming once we redo it! πŸ™‚

  • Sweet Silly Sara

    I like your house Angie! We have an older house too and it needs so many updates but I love the charm of this old place and hate to change much… but girl my gold flecked countertops have gotta go! They are so incredibly ugly, which makes my recipes and pics very challenging!

    Can’t wait to see more of the space you call home!

    • Thanks Sara, I’m excited to share more and more of what we are wanting to do.

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