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RoosterFin Games - Turtle Flip

Disclosure Statement

Thanks to Tryazon & RoosterFin for the games!

Last week I gave you all the update and details of Spreading the Fun with Molkky.  What I didn’t tell you is that I also received a fun pack of RoosterFin games also from Tryazon for a party.  The party date for the RoosterFin games was the 11th, but thankfully I received my package of fun RoosterFin games before our party on the 4th, so I just joined the two parties to make one fun evening.

Since I got the hairy details in my first post, I don’t think I need to go through much more of the details for the actual party.  After we played Molkky though we dived into the RoosterFin games.  We decided to stay outside to play them because the house was still warm while the porch had a nice breeze going.  

In my party pack of games from RoosterFin were three different games for us to play.  None of them had I heard of before, so that made it a bit more exciting for me too.

Catch the Moment 366 Week 22 - Day 152 - Rooster Games from Tryazon

Partying with RoosterFin Games


First, we played PongCano.  The concept of this game is very simple.  You divide up the tokens evenly between the players and any leftovers you put in the volcano.  Each person then tries to bounce the ping-pong ball off the table and into the volcano.  Sounds simple, right? Just let me tell you, I never made it once out of the two games we played. 

RoosterFin Games - PongCano

If you make the shot into the volcano, you take all the tokens that are in the volcano, but if you miss you put one of your tokens inside.  No one is out even if they don’t have any more tokens.  Play keeps on until one person has won all the tokens.  

It’s a cute game.  We enjoyed it and it was a favorite with the 12-year-old we were playing with.  He had that bounce and land down.  It actually takes some skill to land in that volcano people!

PongCano can be played with 1 to 6 players and is for all ages.  You can snag it for your next game night right on Amazon – PongCano.

Monkeys Up

Next up, we played some Monkeys Up.  Again a pretty simple straightforward game here.  There are 18 monkeys and a die in this game.  Each player gets 3 monkeys and you put them down so the numbers are hidden at first.  You each take your turn and do what the die tells you to do.  

The numbers at the bottom of the monkeys are numbered X to 15, with X being zero.  Once one person has flipped all 3 of the monkeys in front of them, its then time to add up how much is in front of you. The person with the highest number wins.  

RoosterFin Games - Monkeys Up

We only played this one once and weren’t huge fans personally.   I can see it being good for kids just learning numbers and adding, though.  

Monkeys Up can be played with 1 to 6 people and for those that are 6 to adult.  You can snag yourself a copy of it by finding it on Amazon – Monkeys Up.

Sadly Debbie and Dylan had to leave after we played the top two.  It was already 9 and they had to get home.  So we wrapped up the party by taking our group photo.

RoosterFin Games - Group Shot

Turtle Flip

Since we had to close up the party before finishing the last game in the RoosterFin games bundle we received.  Jason and I were able to sit down and play Turtle Flip this past weekend.

Jason and I quickly got the hang of this game and quite enjoyed it.  Each game didn’t take long at all.  The point of the game is to get 3 flip cards by having a higher card then the other player.  Cards run 1 to 60.  So of course if you have the card 60 you are hoping to keep that the whole time to get the win.

Since there was only two of us playing, the whole left and right little tokens didn’t mean much to us, it was all about keeping the highest card to earn those flips.

RoosterFin Games - Turtle Flip

Jason won all the games we played, though, the turkey butt!  We had some laughs with it though and could see trying it with a few others next time to have more fun with the left and right tokens.

Turtle Flip is meant for 2 to 4 players while also being for ages 6 to adult.  You can also buy this little game over on Amazon right now so you can have some Turtle Flip fun!

Overall we enjoyed our RoosterFin games and am looking forward to finding ourselves some more RoosterFin games to try.

Do these three games sound like something you and your family would enjoy?  What game stands out to you the most?  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.