Giving You Ten Ways I Feel Happy When

Catch the Moment 366 Week 27 - Day 189 - My Favorite Type of Mornings

It has been no secret around here that I have felt down and I said my thinker has felt broken.  But I woke up today really want to get something out and done on the blog.  I didn’t think it was going to happen at all today, but then I ran across this blogger starter helper and knew maybe this was the ticket.  Here are some ways I feel happy when.

Ten Ways I Feel Happy When…

  1. My view is the ocean.  I know I have stated this time and time again but with the ocean in my view and the smell happily wafting its way into my brain, it gives me a complete feel happy feel.  Just recently I discovered as well how much I like my bare feet in the sand too.
  2. Going on hikes/walks with Jason and Roxy.  It doesn’t matter if we are just going around our neighborhood or going on a beautiful wooded hike.  As long as those two are beside me I feel happy and content.
  3. In a bookstore.  With those smells greeting me, all those titles to explore.  You know I am going to want them all.  But I am all about finding a deal when browsing for books.
  4. I’m hosting something.  More so if people actually show up and want to be there.  I love game nights, I love dinner parties ending with game nights, I just like having people over.  While I feel happy, you might not notice it much at first.
    Have You Heard Of The Game Spontuneous - the whole gang
  5. Working on a jigsaw puzzle.  There is something amazing about sitting down and working on a jigsaw puzzle. Your mind drifts away, your mind wanders in the good places and doesn’t sit to dwell on all your worries. I feel happy and joyous even for a bit after walking away from the puzzle.
    Catch the Moment 366 Week 25 - Day 176 - Completed Owl Puzzle
  6. I do mornings on the porch.  Even though I don’t get up as early as most people there is something amazing in the air first thing in the mornings.  The world is just waking and its fairly quiet.  I can sit happily on the porch with Roxy with my coffee and my book before diving into the daily newspaper and then my games on my phone and tablet.  It’s a great way to start my day.
    Catch the Moment 366 Week 27 - Day 189 - My Favorite Type of Mornings
  7. On days when we have absolutely nothing to do and can watch TV and movies.  While we do this quite often even when we should be doing something.  The best days when I feel happy are the days when we actually don’t have anything else we should be doing and its completely guilt free.
  8. When I have actual post scheduled for this here blog.  There is nothing more exciting and relaxing than having several blog posts scheduled out so you don’t have to worry about it for a while and knowing you are going to have blog posts up on those days.
  9. I take the time to take a bubble bath.  Lately, it has seemed to be most Sundays I do just that and it’s really lovely.  Sitting in those bubbles relaxing with a drink and my book.  It was even better the other week when it was also raining.  Perfection=Feel Happy!
  10. There is support on my blog posts and I have a successful blog post.  Successful meaning well shared and commented on.  That right there makes me feel super happy. Wanna help? Visit this post(#ad #livewithoutleaks)

What are some ways you feel happy when??  I’d love to hear them!