5 Ways to Get Into a Better Bedtime Routine

Better Bedtime Routine

We all know, at least in our heads, how important sleep is.  Getting ready for bed itself is a good way to decompress and relax.  A bedtime routine helps us do just that so we can sleep better and feel better overall.

Because of how important sleep is.  I thought it could be fun and useful for some, to share with you all my 5 ways to get into a better bedtime routine.

Now I am in no way an expert nor do I follow these tips I am going to give you often.  But I know when I do I feel so much better.

Better Bedtime Routine

5 Ways to Get Into a Better Bedtime Routine

Head to Bed Early

Now we all know this doesn’t always happen. But, try to head towards bed half hour to even an hour before you are actually wanting to sleep.  Give yourself time to shower, wash your face, brush your teeth before you crawl into bed. Whatever you normally do at night before bed.  This period will also single your body that it’s getting close to sleepy time.  Use lavender will help too.


This might sound silly.  But take the time to use some lotion, especially lavender right before you crawl into bed. The smell will soothe you and heck you’ll have soft skin all the time.  Any scent of lotion will do, though, just lavender itself has soothing capabilities. 


Before you crawl into bed or just as soon as you crawl into bed. Do some light stretches.  Get those kinks out and let your body relax even more.

Check Your Phone

Allow yourself only 15 minutes to check your phone one last time before sitting it down for the day.  Don’t let yourself get sucked into scrolling through Instagram or facebook.  Time yourself so you are not over indulging in your phone. 


Now that you are settled in and your phone has been put away for the evening.  Read.  Use a paperback so you are not using screen time or use an e-reader with the light turned way down so your mind isn’t getting over stimulated. Since I got an e-reader instead of using my kindle fire to read, I have noticed a huge difference in my eyes and mind at my nighttime reading.

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Those are my tips for ways to get into a better bedtime routine.  I’d LOVE to hear yours now, though. Leave them for me and other readers in the comments below.  Together we’ll achieve a better bedtime routine.


  • Jasmine Stanford

    I like the idea of limiting phone checking time. I’m so bad at spending hours browsing before bed

    • It’s so hard once you get on sometimes to just stop and move on. It’s needed though.

  • I like all of these awesome tips.It`s good to strech at bedtime and this is one I have to practise more often.

    • You and me both! I know how good it is and how good I feel and sleep when I do – but do I do it? No. lol