Local Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest

Local Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest

Ideas fly around in my head quite often, as a blogger that is what happens, all these ideas flow yet very little will make it anywhere. This Local Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest was one of those floating ideas. Almost a year ago my husband and I talked about going out to eat and other things while then doing a spotlight on the blog for them. Life happened and nothing actually came with our idea.

Then a couple of weeks ago I wrote Roxy’s Adventure to the Dog Park and my excitement grew with each local person I saw come to my blog. Our idea to spotlight local places, especially little things that are not as well-known, blossomed again with my excitement. 

Local Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest

Local Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest

Am thrilled to let you in our little local spotlight.  Next week will be our first spotlight. The place coming up next week is actually partly where our idea sparked, so it seemed fitting to spotlight them first.

The idea is highlight places that are not as well-known or just new to the local area. Sometimes though bigger places will be mentioned depending on our mood and what may come our way.

Most everything will be in and around Vancouver, Washington. But, from time to time we’ll include places just in the Pacific Northwest itself. Like if we do a road trip and I want to highlight some places or things we saw along the way. 

Am excited to see where this journey will take us and I can not wait to share with you all our first local place next week. Would you like to get an inside peek at what may be coming on our Local Tuesday? Follow us on Instagram and you may just see the next place before it hits here.

Please always feel free to let us know anywhere you’d like to see highlighted. We’d love your input!

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  • Donna B

    I look forward to this, sounds interesting!

    • Thank you Donna! I am really looking forward to it and hope that all of you will enjoy it too.