Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (11)

Roxy wanted to snag a bit of your time today to let you know the adventure to the dog park she had.  It was her first time. She had so much fun she just had to share.  As well, she hopes to tug at your heart-strings to hopefully help save DogPaw off-leash parks in Clark County.

Read on while Roxy lets you in on her big adventure to the dog park.

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (5)

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park

You guys!!  I told Mommy that I just had to get on and tell you all about this amazing thing that happened last week. Mommy kept telling me I was going on this playdate.  Having no idea what she was talking about, I just looked at her.

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (11)

Mr. N over at Tenacious Little Terrier decided he just had to meet me. And really who could blame him? I am the Princess after all. My charms are endless. My Mommy and his Mommy talked and decided they’d meet up at Ross Dog Park here in Vancouver. Again, this meant nothing to me.  Ten years old and I had no idea what a dog park or playdate was.

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (9)

See, I told you I was a poor abused puppy many times on this blog but no one believes me.  Here is the proof!

Daddy said because I can be such a bossy pants that they didn’t know how I’d do around other dogs.  They claim this is why they never took me to this thing called a dog park before.  But, again, I think it’s just because they like to abuse me.

Monday came and Mommy and Daddy both got up early and I knew something was happening. It was hard to contain my excitement so I didn’t.  They first left me in the car while they went in to shove things in their mouths without me. See, abuse. Okay Okay, they did bring me out bacon.  And I do love bacon.

Then we were off. Where were we going? What would I see? Smell?

My excitement was heightened as we park somewhere and I knew this time I was going to get out. Mommy and Daddy were not going quick enough.  Let me out I said.

Small Dogs Under 25lbs

They took me over to this small area, where all these little dogs were. Mommy said this was the under 25lb dog area and see how we do here first. At first, I was so hyped up that I jumped into dogs faces and Mommy got a little scared. Then I realized I was free and I had loads of other dogs to run with.  No more trying to be Miss Bossy Pants here.

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (1)

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (7)

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (10)

I couldn’t believe my luck. Dogs and no leash. What in the world? This was AMAZING.

Big Dog Area

Mr. N decided he didn’t want to be confined in this small space and wanted to roam the big dog area. I could feel Mommy a bit leery of me being out there with the big dogs. As I really tend to like to boss them around. But, I was free! All was good.  I happily galloped along with many big dogs and made so many new friends. Plus, the smells. Oh my god, those smells!  It was pure Heaven I tell you!  I couldn’t believe my luck.

Roxy Has an Adventure to the Dog Park (2)

This girl really LOVED her adventure in the dog park and I couldn’t wait to share with you all. My little 10lb body needs to go more I told my parents. They better listen.

Save DogPaw off-leash

Sadly, the Clark County off-leash dog parks may not be around much longer. The funding is running low and this is where we need your help. Visit DogPaw where you can donate, get a year membership, or volunteer your time. Please help save them.  Having just discovered their wonders, I don’t want to lose that chance for Roxy to run free and meet other puppies.

We had just as much fun as Roxy did.  So please, anything helps.  Let the adventures at the dog park continue.