My Hopes and Dreams for Blogging #blogboost

Yesterday was a bit hectic around this household, so the idea of a blog post just didn’t happen. The prompt though from the Ultimate Blog Challenge was spot on and knew I had to get on it today.  Sunday started out with just how I came to blogging and sharing with you the secrets of why I blog.

It seemed fitting for the next prompt to follow would be where do I want to go now. Where do I see myself in the next few years? What path do I want to be on?

The other day I stated why/how started blogging, today I will be sharing with you all my hopes and dreams for blogging. Maybe you have the insight to share?

My Hopes and Dreams for Blogging

Because I see this blog as a source of income, it comes without question that I, of course, would like to be earning a more steady income.  Now, I don’t have to be earning thousand upon thousand of dollars, no.  Personally, I would be pleased as punch if I could just count on x amount of dollars a month.  Knowing I would be bringing home the bacon, per say.

Right now, it’s very random when I get sponsored posts or social media sharing. Down the road, I would love to be getting a steady source of sponsored posting. With that steady source of income, I’d also be thrilled with a steady stream of followers. Would make me feel like I am not a total loser.

Sadly, I don’t feel I am creative enough to get a flux of income from various sources.  I struggle, so if something could click that my creative juices flow more that would be lovely.

Part of the reason I joined this Ultimate Blog Challenge is to hopefully get something in my brain to click again and I can feel empowered again with this blog.  As of right now, the only thing I have going for me is the cars I get to test out. Those at least make me feel like I am doing something as I sit here and stare at the screen.

So yes, please just a steady source of posts with a great many of those sponsored would be my dream.

Making a wish with my hopes and dreams for blogging.