Letting Out the Secrets of Why I Blog #blogboost

Yesterday started the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of July. Having done this, or rather started it, a few years back. I decided to give it a go again this month. Since my brain isn’t thinking up new ideas for blog posts readily, thought maybe this could be a fun way to get it going again.

Because I joined a bit late I didn’t get yesterday’s prompt, so just did a Swagbucks posting and waited for my prompt for today to really get started. Now I may not get around to blogging each day but I am going to make an effort to do quite a few of them. Am really hoping this little challenge will get me back in the swing of things around here.

Starting out the Ultimate Blog Challenge on Day 2 with the Secrets of Why I Blog. There are reasons behind why I do what I do and these are some.

Letting Out the Secrets of Why I Blog

Having kept no secret that I am very quiet in person. And how it takes me forever to get comfortable with people. Freely admitting that I have an awkward social nature. The idea of me having an outside job where I have would have to interact with people on a regular basis completely terrifies me. 

Blogging itself has always been a part of me. I have notebooks full of me journaling growing up and countless papers of me doing surveys for my friends. The written word has always been how I get to know others. Before the Internet, it was notes and made up surveys. After the Internet, it was chat rooms and social networks.

Once I found the internet, Livejournal quickly became a part of me. An easy way to communicate with the outside world. Slowly, starting to find these networks that wanted you to try things and then just tell others about it. Realizing I could also use my journal to do this made me move to a more open platform, Blogger, to do just that.

A whole new world opened up to me once I realized that companies wanted you to try their products and get the word out about them. Once I had that more open platform, I started to add in more networks that wanted the same type of thing.

Finding out as I went that companies would also actually pay for you to expose their products. 

Imagine my pure delight when I found that out. Could I actually bring some money into our household and feel like something? Being able to work where I am most comfortable and on my own timetable. One of my favorite ways to describe what my job is, comes from my husband.  He said to someone a few years back – “It’s basically like an online magazine, where she is the publisher.”

Those are the secrets of why I blog.  

Would love to hear what made you start blogging? Or if you don’t blog, what made you start reading blogs?