This and That Giveaway Hop Win Some Games ends November 30, 2017

win some games

For me personally, when I think of the Holidays, I think games. Families gathering together and playing games. Laughter and memories happen when families get together and even more so when games are involved. At least in my eyes.

When I ran across this giveaway hop of This and That.  The first thing that came to mind was giving out games because it’s the start of the Holiday season and what a better way to bring others together. Color me even more excited when I was able to snag Thames and Kosmos again to work together. The makers of the amazing fun game, Word Slam.

Find out all the details below on what two games are up for grabs and how you can win them!

win some games

Win Some Games from Thames & Kosmos

Now is your chance to win the two games shown above.  Harry Hopper & Kerala.

Harry Hopper

Hop… Hop… Hurray! Two teams of grasshoppers are both trying to knock over all of their blades of grass. Take turns making your grasshoppers hop toward the blades of grass. It takes a lot of skill to aim and launch them accurately! The team that knocks over all of their blades of grass first wins! Harry Hopper is a fun, active game that helps kids practice their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and manual dexterity. MSRP $24.95; ages 6+. For 2-4 players.


Welcome to the elephant festival in the Indian province of Kerala! Exquisitely decorated elephants parade the streets. The celebration is alive with color and music. To participate in the revelry, you want to fashion the most elegant platform for your elephants. You want your festival platform to have at least one tile of each color, with all the tiles of a color contiguously placed, and showing as many elephant symbols as possible. Each round, you move one of your two elephants to place a new tile and expand your platform. You will have to adjust your plans as your rival platform builders grab the desirable tiles before you can get them. You will need clever tactics and good luck to win the award for the best in show! MSRP $39.95, ages 8+. For 2-5 players.

Entering is easy, just enter via the Gleam platform below.  Remember to come back daily for your daily entries & entries may change over the course of the giveaway.

USA only, please.

Win Some Games in This & That Giveaway

This & That Giveaway Hop


Now that you have entered my giveaway, make sure to hop around to everyone else.  Everyone involved has an item valued at least $50. Well worth your time to hop around, I think!

The Kids Did It and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

  • Molli Vandehey

    you mean, what do we do other than argue? um…. we eat, so our mouths are too full to argue.

  • Darlene Owen

    Our gatherings always include my 7 grandchildren, so we usually play games with the kids, like baseball, soccer, etc.

  • Janet Watson

    At family gatherings we usually eat, talk, and eat some more!

  • Kathy Davis

    We eat, play games and look at old pictures.

  • Jennifer Bowen

    well i could tell you that its like the song hank williams jr sings: its a family trudishion then well you know what its like in my family kind of other then that we eat and just have fun some times even play cards

  • Jayne Townsley

    Talk, watch movies, play games mostly. Eat good food!

  • Debra Holloway

    We catch up and get reacquainted. We also eat a large meal and have fun together.

  • Gladys Aguilar

    We usually catch up with each others lives and watch our kids play

  • We go out for lunch once a week and gather for dinner on special occcasions.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    We talk and have food together 🙂


  • Jennifer Corrado

    There’s a lot of kids in my family with 4 sisters so we are always eating lots of food playing some type of game either board or on a game system!

  • denise low

    We usually have a dinner and we just visit with each other.

  • Helen

    We usually eat a lot and talk about everything

  • Darcy Koch

    In the summer we have backyard barbques where we eat, play games, and visit. In the winter we have game night with snacks and invite friends.

  • Lisa H

    We mainly visit, hang out, and watch all the kids play together.

  • Kayla Klontz

    We normally eat a big feast and play games together.