Remarkably Unique Ways of Who I Am

Who I Am - Angie's Angle

This blog post has been running around in my head for the last couple weeks. But I was too lazy and headachy to sit down and actually write it out.  Am not even sure exactly how I am going to craft this post of who I am.  Just know that I want to let you in on the many layers of who I am in both the online world and the real world. Both have different aspects and how I react and do things.

We all know we have different layers that make us, us. No one is perfect, never believe there is such a thing. There is only you and you are just right.  We can all learn and grow but the basis of who you are is just the right mix and needs to be celebrated and not bullied or downgraded.

I believe firmly that everyone should be celebrated as they are, always. Well, but for the criminals and other bad people in the world, but you know what I mean.

With that I give you…

Who I Am - Angie's Angle

Remarkably Unique Ways of Who I Am

Blogger/Social Media Gal

Or otherwise known as who I am online. The side I show you all is basically me tried and true. I show the good, the bad, and in the in between.  Always honest when I just too lazy to get anything done and ready to share with you all when something amazingly great lands in my lap.

I don’t want to always just bring you sponsored posts but sometimes my creative juices just don’t jive with anything but that.  Sometimes all I can muster is just a little social media outlet. And you know what, I think that is fine.

I never claimed to want to be a major star as a blogger. I enjoy blogging and sharing with you all. Of course, I do want to earn while blogging and working. But I don’t need to earn the big bucks.  Just a nice steady income is great with me. I also want you all to stick around to read my jabber. Personal and sponsored.

  • outgoing
  • honest
  • unfiltered
  • talkative

Real Life Me

While everything above I said about who I am online is true. The side I show in the real world is slightly less. Being quiet until I get comfortable with the other people around me is a big one. I can come across as snobby and standoffish in the real world, which so isn’t the real case.

Small talk in itself scares the crap out of me unless I’ve been around the other person forever.

Because of this making, real-life friends is so hard. I add people online hoping they’ll  take the time to get to know me, the real me before judging me in the real world.

  • quiet
  • timid
  • insecure

Traits Both Online & Real World Have in Common

While the online world is me, there are a few tidbits that do thread in both worlds. Even with my awkward social nature.

  • warm
  • giving
  • big hearted
  • insecure – even though online its less so, its still there and stops me sometimes from asking for what I want or saying what I want to say.
  • trusting – I open my heart to everyone and allow them in. Always wanting to be everyone’s friend and everyone to like me. I quite often get hurt by this but I can’t seem to stop it.

These are just a bit of the many layers that make me who I am.

Now I want to hear a few things that make you, YOU.