The Truth Behind My Awkward Social Nature

My Awkward Social Nature

You walk into Happy Hour and there is this girl sitting with your co-worker, you assume it’s the wife as you have heard about her but haven’t met her yet. As you are introduced, you realize that yes it is. But she is just sitting there. Saying nothing, is she even listening? What is her deal? Is she a snob? Why did she even come, if she didn’t want to be here?

My Awkward Social Nature

Well, that girl would be me and I actually do want to be there. My awkward social nature gets in my way. I love being around others, I love big group activities, I love hosting. Meeting me in person though you’d never ever guess those things. I’m quiet and awkward.

I do better if Jason is with me, but not much. Which is why I’d rather he went with me everywhere then I go alone or with someone else. He is like my security blanket that makes it all better.  Plus I just enjoy things more when he is around, I find I can relax and experience better and I want to share those experiences with him.

I joked on my personal facebook page that I should do a blog post about my weirdness since if I know you in person I probably won’t actually talk to you, but hey I want to add you on facebook so I can, please? Cause really I went through and requested a bunch of people from soccer. I figure maybe if they knew I wasn’t really a snob and actually wanted to get to know them that maybe I can get to know others and actually get more people to come over or do happy hours again.

My Awkward Social Nature

Friending You On Facebook

means hey I really like you and want to get to know you more. I want you to read that I am actually very quiet in person, but a complete loud mouth online and want to be real life friends. I can get quite post happy on facebook without meaning to be, especially on Fridays, please don’t get too annoyed with that and still like me?

Inviting You To Events

again hey I like you, please come. I like group activities, as mentioned above. I love hosting. I do better at being comfortable in my own home than I do elsewhere, so you are more likely to get to know me better. So please won’t you come? I like hosting game nights and want to get more interaction.

See I get bossy and outspoken enough in my home to gather everyone to do the group shot.  The one on the left took several attempts even.

Happy Hours

I like happy hours.  It’s okay to go out with just Jason and I but I feel we both enjoy it much more when others go with us.  So join us for happy hour won’t you?  What about dinner and/or drinks after soccer?  

I can even get a little brave at our favorite happy hour place, Cameo Cafe of Washington.

Small Talk

I struggle with what to say in person, but can think of many things to say in writing.  I haven’t a clue of why.  I have no problems if you ask me questions, I will readily answer them, but don’t expect me to think of what to ask you or come back with.

Even before the internet and social media, I’d write you a note to get to know you.  It just how I was more comfortable expressing myself.  It seems to be how I am built.

So that is it.  I’m a social creature but in an awkward social nature body.  I swear to you that once I get to know you and spend time with you, okay a lot  of time, it’ll get better.  But be warned that each time at the beginning it’s going to be my awkward social nature peeking its head out.

What kind of social creature are you?