How I Ignored My Anxiety to Have an April Adventure with Roxy

April Adventure with Roxy

Thanks to Kia for the use of the Kia Soul Turbo that we have named RubytheKiaSoul.  They helped prompt today’s post with the use of their vehicle.  However, all thoughts and photos are 100% my own.

When you have no problem leaving the house with someone else, but the mere idea of leaving the house alone scares the poo out of you.  It’s really the getting out the door, I am pretty okay once I get out and am on my way.  I still have a pretty set routine when I am out by myself and rarely stray from it.  Which is why this April adventure with Roxy became something empowering for me personally.

While I am much better than I used to be on putting myself out there and doing things that I am not comfortable with.  It is still there and if you know me in person, you know this the case.  Sometimes even leaving the house with Jason takes a push from my inner strength.  Not very everyday tasks or vacations but if we are going to a party or gathering, my head gets spinning and I worry what others will be thinking of me plus the what if’s.  It doesn’t matter if its family or close friends, this happens almost every single darn time minus with a select few. I see another branch of a blog post just from those few sentences, coming soon!

My brain is a hot mess and I am really trying to grow and explore and do all the things but it’s always a work in progress. If you recall my words for the year were explore and grow and I am truly taking those to heart in so many ways. This ended up being a big one even though it seems small and silly.

April Adventure with Roxy

How I Ignored My Anxiety to Have an April Adventure with Roxy

Late in April, I had to run an errand and it was already way too warm for Roxy to join me like she normally does.  So she gave me the side eye on the couch and pouted at me. As I was out the door I told her that I would come right back and we’d go right back in the car for our own little adventure.  Mind you, I had no idea what we’d do on a Thursday afternoon but darn it, we would do something together that she could join.

I get back pretty quickly from my errand and fill up my water and tell Roxy okay, let’s go.  And off she went running to Ruby the Kia Soul. Ever so anxious to get in and start this little adventure in her new favorite car and her Mommy.

April Adventure with Roxy (1 of 7)

Us before we started our little afternoon adventure.  In the Kia Soul Turbo ready to go, but still clueless where I am was heading.

Ended up going down my favorite road in town and seeing where it would take us.  Do you all have a favorite road?  Something you enjoy driving and just has the most beautiful and comforting scenes? I never thought I would.  Only because I never used to be very comfortable with driving.  Another thing that being in the Kia Family has pushed me to do is enjoy driving more, but more on that later.

While I drove down my road and enjoyed feeling the twist and turns, I came close to one of my favorite trails.  I have pointed out this trail countless times.  It looked so pretty and inviting.  Parking to get to it can be weird though and as I got closer I saw that there was ample parking.  My head went through a million spins and I asked Roxy if she wanted to stop and go for a little walky walk.  And she happily wagged her tail and there was my answer.

April Adventure with Roxy (2 of 7)

I parked and got Roxy hooked up.  My heart was beating a bit faster than normal but I once again ignored it and pushed on. Roxy and I were going on our walk in an unknown place by ourselves, cue the anxiety.

Roxy happily showed me the way to the trial and we made our way down.  I let myself be led and made sure she didn’t bother other people enjoying the trail.  Which, honestly, she loves to do. Hello Miss Social Pants.

April Adventure with Roxy (3 of 7) April Adventure with Roxy (4 of 7)

We didn’t walk too long.  One I had on this flat Ked like shoes and they are not a great walking shoe. I hadn’t planned to stop and get out like this, so it was all a surprise to me.  And two, hello this was my first time out like this by myself, baby steps ya’ll.  But isn’t that view amazingly pretty?  So pretty and peaceful.  I was so glad to be out in the world like this. The world smelled like freshly cut grass and all the amazing Spring scents you can imagine.

Roxy and I turned around shortly after that last picture was taken to head back to Ruby the Kia Soul.  We got back in and Roxy could help show how happy and excited she was about this April afternoon adventure. Yes, a water break was had, for both of us.

April Adventure with Roxy (5 of 7) April Adventure with Roxy (6 of 7) April Adventure with Roxy (7 of 7)

Once again I headed out on my favorite road and instead of turning towards the indoor soccer arena like I’d normally do, I headed straight. Down roads unknown and I had always been curious where it led.

Turning down country roads and still having no idea where I would end up.  After awhile wondering if I find somewhere to turn around and head back instead of just following a road and not knowing where I was going. But I kept on and ended up on the other side of the fairgrounds.  Full of country scenes and curvy roads.

I did it, I explored on my own to unknown parts.  Got out of the car and walked in parts unknown.  All big things to me. Making a little girl very happy for her little afternoon adventure.  And honestly making her Mommy just as happy and excited for the next solo adventure like this.