Helping Fathers Feel Special on Fathers Day

Helping Fathers Feel Special on Fathers Day - Hero

This post is sponsored by Michelob Ultra but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s June and the news is all around the interwebs, it’s Father’s Day time.  While it’s fast approaching, do you already have an idea of what you’ll be getting your father figure in your life?  How will you be spoiling them? Do you know yet?

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Did you see them? Such cute ideas I think.  You are going to want to grab a few items for your beer loving guy in your life that you want to celebrate. Whether it be your own Dad, your Grandfather, your Uncle, your husband, or just the guy in your life you’ve always looked up to and felt like a Dad to you.

While I don’t have any Dads in my life anymore, I want to tell you a bit about them and how I am going to be honoring Jason for this Father’s Day.  While he isn’t what some of you believe to be a “true” father, in our eyes, he is the proud Dad of little Miss Roxy and before Roxy, Rascal.

Helping Fathers Feel Special on Fathers Day - Hero

My Real Dad – George

Whistling as he walked down the hall from his bedroom to the kitchen, as he knocked on the wall with his knuckles.  This is one of my most vivid memories of my Dad.  Let’s not forget him having his leg swung over the arm of his chair while in his hand hung the flyswatter and him swinging it in his fingertips.  Reading his western & local history books, washing his logging truck every single weekend with loving care, and making up silly songs that made no sense at all.

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I miss my Dad, I lost him when I was 16 in May of 1996.  Even though I was sixteen when he passed unexpectedly, weirdly my memories of him are not that vivid.  Just little clips here and there. My life forever changed after his passing.

This picture below is not the best, there is writing on the back that you can see and it’s on a paper copy.  For some reason, I couldn’t find any other photos to share throughout my photos and spent a full day looking.

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While I may no longer have him on this Earth to celebrate.   And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate them if they no longer here with us on Earth. He is on my mind and I cheers to his memory often.

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My Stepdad – Gene

Full of resistance on this man walking into my life.  Feeling it was much too soon to have someone moving into our life after my Dad passing. So many emotions and even indifference at the same time on this new way of life. Thankfully, his walking into our life was one of the best things to happen.  He treated me like his daughter without trying to take the place of my Dad.

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Full of quick wit with such a bright smart mind, the actual inventor of the Peet Shoe Dryer.  We sadly lost him in 2013.

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He was very much a father figure in my life and I still miss him to this day.  He would have sure enjoyed sharing some stories sitting on the porch while sipping on a Michelob ULTRA and getting some fun beer gifts to boot. Cheers to Gene.

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Helping Fathers Feel Special on Fathers Day – Jason

While I know the conversation of being a Dad of a pet is conversational for some, in our eyes Jason has and always will be a Dad.  When we moved in together in January 1999, he instantly became a Dad to my baby Rascal.  Rascal quickly adapted to having Jason as his and the love between them was one of the best ever.

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Losing Rascal in July 2007 was one of the hardest things we have ever gone through.  So getting another pet took a bit of time and resettling.

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Roxy walked into our lives in August 2012 and once again Jason took over as a fur baby parent.  He plays with her, makes sure she isn’t harmed, feeds her, loves her, takes vacations with her, and does most everything that a father to an actual child would do.

In turn, Roxy looks at Jason just like a Dad.  So excited each day when he gets home from work and ready to jump up and bring him a toy. With kisses after soccer and kisses before bed.  The love they have for each other is an amazing one.

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With the theme of helping fathers feel special on Father’s Day, Roxy will let Jason throw the ball for her and pet her soft fur while they sit outside and enjoy the day in the simplest of manners.

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If given the chance I know Jason would love to go to a soccer game with his Dad or out for a round of golf.  The active and outdoor gene runs strong in his family and is usually how they connect the best.

With that, we shall hold up the Michelob ULTRA to cheer Fathers and father figures all around and make Fathers Day as special as we can!

Happy Fathers Day to all.  Buy some beer gear today and some beer to celebrate.