What Happens When a Socially Awkward Gal Loves Hosting Things

Loves Hosting

Being socially awkward would make one think that you were not a fan of parties or gatherings in general.  For me, being that socially awkward gal that isn’t the case at all.  Now being invited to gatherings at other peoples house & public places send me into a panic.  While I want to go and be a part of the group, the panic sets in on feeling uncomfortable and not knowing what to do with myself or say.

Give me the option to host something in my own home though and I am all for it.  The more the merrier.  Will I still be socially awkward?  You betcha.  Happily, that will ease off much quicker in my own home than anywhere else. I am, without a doubt, someone who loves hosting.

Now getting people to actually show up, that is the issue.

What Happens When a Socially Awkward Gal Loves Hosting Things

I personally find it pretty hilarious that for being as quiet & introverted as I am that I do love hosting things as I do.  Knowing how I am in person one would never guess that I actually like big groups and gatherings, just let me do it myself in my own home.  Come to my space, join me for food, drinks, and games.

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Why do I love hosting? What would make a socially awkward girl actually like hosting things and putting oneself out there?

I am going to try and fumble my way through to explain why I think I love hosting as I do.

My Own Space

Am comfortable in my own space.  Knowing this is my home (or even somewhere other then my home if I am hosting). I am in control.  Maybe it’s all about the sense of control? Being able to invite who I want?  Who do I want to get to know me? Or already knows and loves me as me?


When it comes to inviting people to my events, I invite a lot of people.  Because there is a lot of people I want to get to know better.  The only way I know how to get to know them better is to invite them to parties I host. I love the idea of having a big group of people to do things with to be able to invite places and do things.

Being Able to Walk Away

Since I am hosting, I am more freely able to walk away.  Being able to busy myself with some dishes or to my room for a minute to regroup myself.  Knowing I have that option more when hosting relaxes me. I don’t have to stay front & center the whole time.


As the party goes on, I am able to relax more.  You are in my space, you came because I invited you.  You want to be there.  (Or I hope so). As time goes on, hopefully, you have seen some more of who I actually am and get to know me as me.

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Hosting In General

My hopes in hosting is that you’ll come and be able to see more of who I am.  Not this awkward quiet gal but a bit more open and full of laughter.  I just want people to like me and hosting quite often allows that to happen. So the next time I host and I invite you, won’t you come?

Is just a quiet introverted gal that loves hosting. Won’t you make her happy by dropping by?

Loves Hosting