Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games

In case you have missed it, I’ve been taking you on a history tour of our house.  While also going through each room as they are now and what we hope to do to it in the future.  The process I am taking in this house tour is imagining you are walking through with me in the house.  So, of course, we’d start outside and work out way in from the front porch.

Thus far, we’ve been in the main living room, the second living room, dining room, and our main bathroom.

Pretending we are stepping out from the main bathroom, you’d see the remarkably unique spiral staircase and our board/card game area.  That will be our next step in this house tour.

Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games

Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games

When Jason was first living here there was this old ratty staircase up to the second floor/attic area.  He said it was a pretty much straight up staircase that was kind of scary.  So some time shortly after that, his dad built this beautiful remarkably unique spiral staircase.

Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games-2

The staircase is aged now and needs a little TLC.  There are a few loose boards and a nail popping up here and there. Otherwise, these stairs are still in really good shape and have some amazing shine.  Not a lot more we need to do with them to spiff them up.

The back wall, though.  Lord!  A year or two Jason decided it would be fun to peel away the wallpaper that was there. So here it has sat unpeeled and unsightly since.  Granted, the wallpaper was peeling in areas, but not nearly like it is now. Not sure if we’ll paint it or put new wallpaper up here as of yet.  Whatever we will do will look better than it does now.

As for, the little nook that is under the stairs.  We use that as our board and card game area.  It’s in view that anyone that would come over for a game night, so it’s easy enough to look and decide what to play.

Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games-3

I am not a huge fan of the layout of it though and talked about moving the games into the spare room closet on the main floor.  But, I really do like them here.  Instead, maybe we’ll do built-in shelves or something here so it all fits a bit better.  Plus a bit more light to see them with.

There is other junk in this area I don’t want there and over time that will happen and they’ll get moved and out-of-the-way.

We have reached the end of the end of the Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games area. I hope to be back next with our upstairs bathroom. 

Until next time with Our House tour.

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  • April monty

    We love games here,sorry and aggravation are big on my list of go tos

  • Kristi

    I find spiral staircases give so much character to a home.

    • I agree. Our dog will NOT go up the stairs unless she really really feels the need. You will never find her going down though.

  • mpotter01

    we have a bookcase filled with games as well, love the little staircase

  • Your spiral staircase is really beautiful and I am sure it will look impressive once you paint it or wall paper it again.