Gather in Our Dining Room


Now that we have ventured through the history of our house, the front of our home, the main and second living room. Next, will be our dining room.  Our dining room right now is a pretty blank, boring space.  I have ideas, though!

Gather in Our Dining Room

I love hosting and love having people gather in our dining room.  Right now, our dining room isn’t something that I am proud to have others in, but at least it’s functional.


This is the view of our dining room from our main living room.  Pretty self-explaining as you look.  The walls need some color.  The corner hutch works for now, but I have other ideas for that side wall.  Roxy’s dish area.


First look you can tell the quick paint job we did when we first moved in here.  It needs better work there.  For this wall, though, I want built-in’s on each side of the window with a window seat with cupboards under it. I have a vision for it and have saved a few ideas on Pinterest that show what my mind sees. Want to see? Check my board here.

After you turn from the window above, you face the dining room table.  I want a counter height table at some point. Which you can also see a few ideas of my idea above on my Pinterest board I shared.


That wall with the picture frames on it, I’d like to open and make an open counter between the kitchen and dining room.

There is a peek at the dining room currently.  Hopefully, next time I share it with you all there will be some big changes.

What is your dining room like? Is it one of the gathering places of your house?