Swivel Sweeper

I am not one for products as seen on tv crapola…but…

My Mom got me this – – Swivel Sweeper for Christmas. I wsa like what in the world am I going to do with this crap. It got put in the garage after Christmas and there it stayed until we moved. Jason brought it home a month or so ago from the garage. I decided to put it together and charge the battery.

The next day I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised. It worked well. It isn’t something I’ll trade in my vacuum for, but it works. Wow. You turn it on with the little button on the front and it makes a slight noise, but nothing horrible. Then when you are done, just go over your garbage can & open the little buttons and it dumps right into the garbage for you. No real mess to clean up.

The only bad thing, so far, is the amount of my hair that gets in the little brushes, its not super easy to get those out even with the little thing they have with it just to clean the brush heads, but again its not horrible.

I have to say that I love it for our spiral stairs. It works so well on our little carpets going up them. I very very much like it for those & quick sweep up in the living room if I don’t want to drag out the whole vacuum cleaner.