Kroger Awesomely Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kroger Awesomely Delicious Chocolate Chip CookiesAs being a part of Bzz Agent, I was able to get into the campaign for The Truly Awesome Homestyle chocolate chip cookies.  I have had some great campaigns over the years I have been a member of Bzz and was super excited to try out these cookies.

Kroger Awesomely Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Bzz Agent Kit
My Truly Awesome Cookie Kit

As soon as they arrived, my husband and I opened one of the two boxes to “test” them out!  They are wrapped in this foil to keep in the freshness, eight cookies are sitting in the package waiting to be consumed by the very eager tummy!  As you go to pick up that first cookie, it falls apart even before you get it into your hand fully (which could be good or bad, depending how you like your cookie).  You take that first bite and heaven!  It does taste like a fresh baked cookie, has a nice little crunch and the oooeey gooey chocolate chip just melts into your mouth.  You feel like your heaven as you chew that little morsel of a cookie.  Yum!  Really they are THAT good.

Kroger Awesomely Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies -  Actual Cookie
Cookie in Actual Size

Pop them into the microwave for a few seconds and it’ll be even more like freshly made at home cookies.  Free of added preservatives and artificial colors.  These cookies are also 2x bigger then your average size chocolate chip cookie, more bang for your buck and taste buds!

You too can get them!  Go to your local Kroger, Ralphs, or Fred Meyer store and look in the cookie aisle with the average retail of $2.79.  They just hit store shelves earlier this year.

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