Last night’s twitter parties got me to thinking about family traditions. As I was trying to go to sleep last night, I lay there thinking what our traditions are. This is roughly what I came up with in my head before I fell asleep.


Hasn’t really been a big Holiday for me ever. I do remember when I was younger we’d go to my Aunt’s house each year and spend the night. That one will always hold a spot in my heart with memories of happiness. But, as an adult I don’t recall any. Thanksgiving itself after we stopped going to my Aunt’s house for the Holiday just kind of flopped. I don’t recall any dinners even really. We do something with my husband’s family each year – this year its here at home at his Aunt Rae’s house. It sounds like its going to be a big family gathering, which is odd since normally when its at her house its just the locals. It could be nice, but I am not super comfortable with all of them either – me quiet with not a whole lot to say is all.


Now this is MY Holiday. I love Christmas, always have and probably always will. One tradition I took from my childhood is getting our tree up the first weekend of December. I love this tradition and gives me enough time to get everything done around the house to decorate and get ready for my Family Christmas in Idaho since its usually the weekend before Christmas or close around there so, was the point, to get more people to be able to come. That in itself is falling though and it makes me sad. I probably wouldn’t even go if I didn’t want to make sure that Mom & Gene had gifts to open on Christmas morning and give them their Christmas morning (I even fill their stockings before we leave).

Anyway…before we moved to Vancouver and still lived in Idaho our Christmas Day was wonderful and I loved it and still miss it, its not the same since we moved here with having Jason’s family here. We’d get up and open our gifts and try to make the gifts linger throughout the day. We’d have chili burger or dogs and just enjoy. I loved this. It was ours and I couldn’t ask for more.

Now we still do our morning stockings and gifts. But then we have to rush get ready and have breakfast usually at Jason’s parents house, come home for a bit and then go out to Jason’s sister house for Christmas dinner. Its just rush rush it feels like and its just not home. Ya know?

Those are my traditions that I can think of…what are yours?