ABBA Dance for the Wii

As being part of the wonderful community of Crowdtap I was able to host an ABBA Dance party for the Wii.  I was so excited when I found out I was chosen and got ready right away to plan my party.  Set up my party invite on facebook like they asked and invited everyone I could think of.  I set it up for the 9th of December, a Friday cause that was basically the only date that would be workable for us.  The one person I knew would probably come, couldn’t cause of other already previous plans and no one else really responded.  A couple people actually clicked no on the facebook event, but most ignored it and did nothing.  Can’t help but be a bit disappointed on that little fact, but I understood at the same time as well with the time of year it was, but a yes/no would have been a nice thing.

Wii ABBA Dance Party

I loved my little party kit.  I got this really cute ABBA Dance shirt, the ABBA gold CD, & of course the game for the Wii.

So my party was a total flop with no one attending but my husband and I myself.  I then planned to take it with us to our family Christmas in Idaho in hopes I’d have a few people that would play some and get some good pictures to share and get the word out there more about the ABBA Dance game for the Wii (I had already been telling everyone about it on facebook).  Only one family group besides my husband and myself ended up coming, but I was able to beg my niece Devan enough to do it (she dragged her feet).  I think once we all got moving we had a ton of fun.

Dancing ABBA Dance Party

Dancing ABBA Dance Party 2

Dancing ABBA Dance Party 3

I enjoy the dance game so much.  Its such a fun way to get moving & have some fun while getting some good exercise in.  I think Devan enjoyed it once she got going because after we finished she was humming the songs. 😉

Even though my actual party never happened, I at least got some good dancing in and will happily play the ABBA Dance game more!  Hopefully, I can get some more people to dance with me and get the word out about it even more!  If  you have a Wii go out and look for the ABBA game, if you already love dancing games like Just Dance, then you are going to love this one.  I am excited to try out the mini game in it to see where it leads me.  🙂  I also plan to take it with me to our Christmas my sister-in-law’s house Christmas day and hope I can get some play time in there as well.

Plus if you want to go and get chances to host your own party or your own sample and share sign up at Crowdtap & join the fun.  🙂