Private Selection Pizza

Private Selection Pizza Bzz kitAs being a part of the wonderful community of Bzz Agent, I was able to get on the bzz campaign to test out the new Private Selection meals:  appetizers, pizza, & dessert choices.  I tried to decide how I was going to blog about them if I wanted to shove them all into one post or give them each their own and decided that would be the best approach so that each gets the light they truly deserve.

We went into our local Fred Meyer, and I had my free coupons out for each item so we could test them and fill our bellies up. 

I was surprised at the different selection of pizza’s they had.  I didn’t even pay that much attention to my bzz book that came with my bzz kit saying what type of pizzas they had.  Which were:  BBQ Chicken, Margherita, Roasted Vegetable, & regular Pepperoni.  I decided to go with the Fire Roasted Vegetable, it just sounded really good, and tasty and not to mention a different type of pizza then I am used to buy frozen.  In fact, I was a bit shocked in a good way at their different choices when it came to frozen pizza.

Private Selection Pizza After Baking
After Baking
Private Selection Pizza Before Baking
Before Baking

The Fire Roasted Vegetable is filled with roasted zucchini, red and green peppers, garlic, yellow onion, mozzarella on a delicate Italian style sauce and garnished with a bit of basil.  This goodness on top of a wonderful marble hearth baked bread.  Yum!  Mouth watering good.  It says it has about 3 servings, but with the appetizer & this awesome pizza it was the perfect filling dinner.  The vegetables on this pizza didn’t taste frozen or bland, they tasted really fresh and just amazing.  I was in love with this pizza and was amazed that it all came from a frozen pizza.  

Priced around $5, you can find these in your frozen section of your local Kroger store.  You shouldn’t be disappointed at all if you should go out and try this.  Honestly, its a tasty lovely pizza!