Friday Harbor Series by Lisa Kleypas

As I have mentioned before I was lucky enough to be picked to be one of Lisa Kleypas “Diva’s”.  I hadn’t heard of her before being picked, but I am always up to learning about new authors and having fun while doing so.

A couple days before Christmas I received my Diva kit with a cute little tank top that said Lisa’s Diva & cute black sunglasses that also on the side said Lisa’s Diva.  Then the day before Christmas I received 5 copies of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.  One to read and the rest to give out.  I gave one right away to my mother-in-law because she loves to read just as much as I do, so that was an easy choice.  Another book I am sending to my sister cause again she loves to read.  The other two I plan to do a giveaway on here for you all!

I was one of the lucky 75 in the Lisa’s Diva Group to receive an advance copy of Rainshadow Road.  I was so excited.  I went to read it and realized that the Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor was actually the first of the series and so I better read that one first.

I grabbed up Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and didn’t want to put it down.  It was a quick, lovely, magical read.  The story starts out with Holly, a little six-year old, that has lost in her mother in a car accident.  Her uncles take over raising her.  Fast forward six months later and you find Holly hasn’t spoken a word since the accident.  They have moved her to Friday Harbor to live with her Uncle Mark & Uncle Sam.  Uncle Mark takes her into a toy store one day in Friday Harbor and they meet the owner Maggie.  Maggie lets Holly know there is magic in the world if she just believes.  Knowing love is the first step, the rest will follow. You’ll find magic beats all.

After devouring Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, I started in on the lovely Rainshadow Road.

I started reading and am thinking these books aren’t connected, what the heck?? Besides being in Friday Harbor anyway…and then I get a bit further in and oh there is the connection.

Lucy has always loved glass.  Magic happens when she touches it sometimes and she can change it when she has a lot of emotion in her.  The first time she realized she could makes things happen to the glass she was a little girl and her sister Alice had just broken the glass float her father had given her and she picked up the pieces and fireflies flew out of it and out the window.

Several years later you find Lucy living in Friday Harbor with her boyfriend Kevin.  She believes she is in love and content and happy.  Until Kevin drops a bombshell on her & she is lost and doesn’t know where she belongs.  She then meets Sam (Uncle Sam from the first book)….

See what Lisa Kleypas tells you about Rainshadow Road in this short youtube clip:
Now for the giveaway!  Two of you lucky people will get the first book of the Friday Harbor Series, where you will be wrapped up in magic feelings and love! Again please know I will need to mail it to you, so please feel comfortable giving me your mailing address to do so before entering.  🙂  Fill out what you choose to on the rafflecopter so you can win.  The Rafflecopter is what will choose the winner, so must click some of those options to be entered.  🙂  Enjoy! P.S. Make sure to click on read more to get the rafflecopter to show.
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