Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste

Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste

Being a part of the Smiley360 program, I was able to snag this awesome kit all about Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste from the makers of Orajel.  I was asked to test the tube I was given for two weeks at first before giving my opinion about it.  I first off don’t have sensitive teeth, so I couldn’t tell you if that portion of it worked.

It comes in a fresh mint flavor that isn’t overpowering.  It also has a whitening agent with baking soda so you can have pearly whites while battling down that sensitive teeth problem.

Personally it didn’t have the amount of bubbles/foam I am used to when brushing my teeth.  It did leave my teeth feeling clean and fresh though and kept my pearly whites, just that white.  I liked the product well enough.

Would you like to try this toothpaste out?  Then go to and request a free sample, it says while samples last.  I do have four samples I’d be willing to send out as well, so if you’d prefer me to send it to you or give it to you(if you live near me) then please speak up and/or leave your email address and I’ll get your mailing address to send it to you.

Please note this toothpaste says to only use in 4 week time frames, unless suggested otherwise by your regular dentist.

If you could please click this link for me, I need at least 10. 🙂  Thanks!

I was given this product free to test and review free of charge from Smiley360.  All thoughts and pictures are my own.