Old Navy Shorts – Crowdtap Sample & Share

I was so excited to get chosen for another Sample & Share from Crowdtap.  It happened to be for Old Navy, which they work with quite often.  This is my second sample & share for Old Navy itself from Crowdtap.

I posted on facebook that I had gotten in on this special sample & share from Old Navy from Crowdtap.  Didn’t take but two minutes and Mandy had pipped in, I want the shorts.  So in no time, I had my partner in the sample & share.  She lives in Texas, but there was plenty of time to send it to down to her and get my report in as well.

I was able to go fairly quickly to Old Navy to use my coupon once it started.  I have to admit I had a hard time finding a pair of shorts in my store that I liked and fit well.  With me having bigger thighs and a bigger butt, with a smaller waist, it takes time to find ones that fit decently.  The ones I had originally thought I was going to get just didn’t fit right.  Took a few short tries to find the ones I did.  It wasn’t unpleasant though trying on the shorts, just was getting frustrating to find ones that fit comfortably and looked right on me.  I know the ones I ended up with were 5 inch length.

Mandy didn’t take long on finding a pair of shorts that fit her, and she even got some matching tank tops she had seen on a previous visit to Old Navy.  She ended up with the 3.5 inch canvas shorts in the calypso green print.

I have to say that the shorts themselves are super soft and a comfortable to wear fabric.  Love the way they feel.

Neither of us had any issues using our coupon.  When I used it the lady was like wow, that is the kind of coupon you want. I mentioned twice that it was from Crowdtap, that she should go look at the site.  She mentioned she was going to go show the others that a new thing was floating around and it was great.  Mandy’s check out just needed to get approval from the manager since they had never seen one either.

What a wonderful Sample & Share though.  I enjoyed myself as did Mandy.  Look forward to more sample & shares in my future.

I was given a coupon to get a free pair of shorts from Old Navy from Crowdtap.  I was given a second coupon to share with a friend.  All thoughts and pictures are my own.