A Little Background on my hair (for the upcoming review)

All my life I have had issues with my hair, its one of the things I really dislike about myself.  It’s a very naturally curly frizzy messy if left alone.  Even going to the salon to get my hair dyed/cut is not one of my favorite things because of my hair.

It doesn’t blow dry well at all, even stylist would agree with you on this.  They do their best and even anymore use the flat iron to it once they are done.  So its kinda of manageable but not greatly, but at least I can leave the place looking somewhat okay.  It always takes me getting home to be able to wash it & leave it dry like I have to and straighten it myself to see exactly what my color and cut looks like.

This is how I have to let my hair dry after I have washed it.

How I let my hair dryHow I let my hair dry 2

How I let my hair dry 3

When it dries like above, its much less curly and frizzy, but I still need the straighter after to get out the rest of the curls & frizzes, but it makes my job a heck of a lot easier.

Now my old straighter I loved for quite awhile, it was a conair & did the job well.  It was just starting to snag my hair and just not do as well as it once did.  I had bought it back in 2007, so it was time for a new one.  The review for it, upcoming!