BaBylissPRO Nano Review – A Godsend for my hair

I had been kind of wanting a new flat iron for sometime but didn’t bother actually seeking one out really.  I had seen some people talk about BaByliss flat irons & so I went and added a couple on my wish list.  The more reviews I read the more I really wanted to try this one.  It seemed pretty steep to me for a hair appliance, I am a cheapo.  I thought though what the heck why not try it since it is your Amazon money and I  am sure it’ll work well enough even if it isn’t all that.

Dry Hair Before Flat Iron

I broke down & bought the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium.  I was so giddy that they had it in a bigger size then 1″ because 1″ flat iron’s never worked right on my hair texture.  I bought the 1 3/4 one and hoped that it would work well enough since the one I had was a 2″ one.  I couldn’t wait for it to get here so I could test it out.

Sectioning of Straightening HairHappily I can say now that I am in love with my new BaByliss!!  It works so well on my hair.  I get straight soft hair in a matter of minutes without my wrist getting sore from holding the flat iron or without my arms getting so heavy feeling from holding a somewhat heavy appliance.  This BaByliss is pretty light and airy.

The only draw back that I have to talk a bit about is the smell it leaves on the hair for a bit after using it.  Its like a burnt hair smell even though your hair doesn’t feel or look any different and I haven’t noticed any split ends, my hair is still in good condition.  It must just be the high heat.  It goes all the way up to 450, I use the 410 for the most part though now.  I used the 450 at first, but found I didn’t really need it that high.

Otherwise, I am super happy with this flat iron.  I could not ask for anything else better.  It works wonders.

Finished Project with BaByliss Pro