Private Selection for the Holidays

I was trying to figure out how about going doing a post about the Private Selection Holiday kit I received as being a part of Bzz Agent.  We didn’t host any parties this year, so we just used certain things randomly, so no real way that I can showcase all the greatness that is Private Selection from your local Kroger store.

This is probably my second or possibly third Bzz campaign about all things Private Selection.  I have found that they are low priced, but they have some high quality products that are affordable for us average Joes.

This kit was no exception.  In this kit were:

  • full size pack of ground coffee in Costa Rican
  • full size pack of crackers
  • free coupons for a jar of olives, pasta sauce, & ready sliced cheese from the deli
  • 75 cents off coupon for the new Greek yogurt
  • Plus 5 20% off coupons for private selection brands to give out
I have to say first I loved the yogurt.  It was so yummy and we have already bought more since then.  It has this little cup on the side filled with the syrup/jelly of whatever flavor you picked out (they only had Strawberry at our store) and then other side is just filled with regular plain yogurt.  You dump the flavoring in as you like and YUM!  I do wish there was a tiny bit more of it though, cause I tend to run out of it before I am finished with the regular yogurt, but it’s so tasty!  

We tried the Olives in Citrus Stuffed, they were okay but were not my cup of tea, but my husband liked them okay.  At first I didn’t think we were going to even find the olives at our Fred Meyer.  

It took us two different Fred Meyer’s to find the deli pre-sliced cheese packs.  We ended up picking out the Buffalo Monterey Jack.  I thought well I might like that one.  I didn’t.  Again though my husband loved it.  He loves that flavor choice, so it was a happy hit for him!  There are several different cheese flavor choices for you to choose from:  Garlic & Herb Monterey Jack, Blue Marbled White Cheddar, Buffalo Monterey Jack, & Blue Marbled Pepper Jack among others.

We sadly haven’t opened the coffee just yet, but I am positive its going to be great as well.  The Private Selection flavorful coffee flavors also come in these new flavors:  Sumatra, Vanilla, & Toffee Nut.  Nor have we used our jar of marinara we bought with our free coupon.  Again I am sure that they are both going to be amazingly great.  I have never had a Private Selection product that I dislike.  It’s an amazing brand and one you must get to know!

I received all these products free from Bzz Agent.  All thoughts and pictures are my own.  I received MyPoints in turn for turning in this blog post.