Cottonelle Care Routine

I received free Cottonelle products to review & give out to my friends from Crowdtap to give back my honest opinion & to tell others about it.  However, all thoughts are truly my own, and I was in no way swayed because I received it for free.

It was a little weird to me to do a sample & share from Crowdtap about toilet paper, but really how easy could it be?  Everyone needs and uses toilet paper, so everyone would love to learn about and receive a free sample.

I received a big 18 pack of Cottonelle toilet paper for myself with a Cottonelle wipe.  I also received two 4 packs of toilet paper with two other wipes to give out to friends.  I knew right away who the one pack would be going to, was my friend Debbie – she gets everything I get.  She’s my constant side to my reviews. The other was my friend Shane, but we actually hasn’t received his products yet because our schedules have been off wonky and we haven’t been able to do meet up yet, but they are sitting here waiting for him.

I like the looks of the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper, but I have to say that the toilet paper feels a bit rough to me & not very gentle you know where.  It seems to clean decently, but its isn’t my favorite toilet paper, sadly.  I do like how it feels in your hand though and how thick it is.

The wipes though are wonderful, leaves you super clean when you need it with a simple wipe.  It doesn’t leave a wet feeling either like I was fearing, it dries just as quickly as it wipes it seems.  Which is super handy!  I like it though and look forward to using it more in the future.

My overall take is dis the toilet paper and stick with what you are already love & buy some Cottonelle Wipes to add into your regular toilet paper care.