Healthy Tuesday – What Made you get Moving?

What got you moving?  What made you get up and say I am no longer going to be a lump on a log?  What made you turn around and look at yourself and say I can and will change?

For me, recently, it was getting the Ozeri Blood Pressure machine and finding out my husbands blood pressure was a bit high, it sent me in a panic & made me force both of us to get moving and eat better.  I didn’t want to lose my husbands, I want many more years with him.  Any risk I can eliminate will help and allow us more time.

We have been making some amazing yummy meals that are low in sodium and so great.  I have to say though that we already had used salt very little, we never added it anything we made at home, so the only salt we’d get is from pre-packaged, fast food and the like.  I read all packages now and look for low sodium.  The fresher the better too.  I’ve always loved fruits and vegetables so adding these into our diet more was no problem at all.  We are doing well though, we already see a drop in my husbands average blood pressure.

Happily mine my blood pressure was already the optimal blood pressure level.

BUT…I needed to lose some weight, along with my husband.  I forced us on walks as often as I could and as long as we could without getting into a fight.  Which sometimes was tricky.  I never have been on the overweight scale when I look it up, but I do have pounds to lose that would make me look and feel better.  I have massive thighs and butt and a bit of a belly, all those could use a good trimming.

I also added in doing the Nike Kinect Training  for the Xbox Kinect, for the first month I am only doing 2 days a week and boy am I feeling it.  And I am loving the training, though there are quite a few exercises that I groan at and whine about and don’t do as well, but I am improving and that is what counts.

So help me along, what motivated you to get healthy?  What kind of eating do you do?  What kind of workouts do you?  How often?  Leave me some comments and lets get chatting.  I plan to do a post each week that is healthy, weather its an exercise or a good recipe, it will be healthy!