All About Me Friday – Earliest Memory

I sit here looking at the blinking cursor for a bit, because unlike some people my memories scatter and I really can’t recall that much from my childhood, or heck even high school – okay not even the last five years.  I can tell you what someones favorite thing is and always remember that, but actual memories seem fleeting to me – which is one, of the many, reasons I love photos, they help pry those memories out and be able to live through them again.  I have this friend, Donavan, we went to school together all through 12th grade, we weren’t really friends there, but liked each other well enough – we were in choir together all through high school and he’ll turn to me and ask remember this and spout out something – I blink and say no.  Good thing I have others to remind me of things.

Now I do have a few bites of memories here and there, but nothing full.  I’ll go through them a bit, any questions – just ask cause maybe it’ll jar my memory more.

In the light of Christmas coming, one of my earliest memories has to do with Christmas Eve/Morning.  I am not sure how old I was maybe 5 or 6?  I was still snuggled up in bed asleep, but all of the sudden I felt this BIG warm hug – arms around me, it was there – I felt it.  I open my eyes, and there is no one there, nobody.  I swear to you Santa gave me a Christmas hug. It’s still one of the reasons, to this day, that I still believe there is some kind of Santa.  He might not travel around and deliver presents each and  every year, but I do believe he does work some magic of some kind to certain people.

The next one is when I was again 5 or 6, I was up getting a drink of water before night time, and I ended up falling backwards from the kitchen sink & bitting my tongue almost in half.  *I am pretty sure I stated this just recently, but its one of my earliest memory*  I was rushed to the ER, and I didn’t want the doctor to put that needle in me, I remember that.  I ended up with 5 stitches I think?  We get home, and I run into my bathroom to go “look” at them.  I come out, and I had taken out all but one of those stitches.  OOpppss.  You will be happy to know my tongue is perfectly normal.

I wonder if those things happened in the same year?

The only other one I can think of, which really isn’t an exact memory is going to  my Aunt Mary’s for Thanksgiving.  We’d come the night before usually and stay the weekend.  I remember waiting for the guys to come back from hunting Thanksgiving morning.  I remember playing with my cousin and especially following around my cousin Kent. Sleeping with my cousin Cheri and listening to her late night talks with friends/boyfriends.  Playing with my cousin Tessi.  Such wonderful memories and I miss that closeness that was once there with them.

Those are my early memories.  Can you remember your childhood memories?  What kind of gems do you have sitting waiting to tell a story?