All About Me Friday – If I won the lottery…

On Friday’s I have been doing the 31 day blog challenge, its a fun way to learn more about me, and I hope some of you enjoy reading it.  Here is it, in case you have missed it.

Todays prompt is for Day 14 – If you won the lottery…

Dreamland time!

There is so much I’d do and yet so much I wouldn’t change.  I, for the most part, love my life.

There are a few things though that we’d do right away.  We’d buy Jason a brand new truck, me a new car, and put a huge amount of it into several different saving markets.  Jason would get the Ford F150 and me I’d get either the Mazda 3 or 6.  We might get the Mazda Rx too, depending on how we feel.

After that we’d probably take a much needed vacation and then start to do things to the house.  We may or may not buy a different house or just upgrade this one and completely overhaul it.  I don’t know for sure.  I do know I’d love land, but I also know that this one could be completely amazing too if we were able to put money in to it.

We’d probably buy a vacation house on the Oregon coast somewhere though without a question.  Its our most favorite vacation destination, would be nice to have a house to go to and not have to worry about getting a hotel or finding a house to rent.

We’d donate a decent amount to Southwest Humane Society.  We’d give some to our brothers and sisters.

It sure would be lovely to win, our life would be more comfortable.  I tried to search for some pictures of either the vehicles we want or some houses we might like, but wasn’t having luck on that today.  So we shall go pictureless on this one, sad sad day.