Blogger Secret Santa Reveal!


Around mid November I ran across an upcoming Blogger Secret Santa Swap on Tales of a Twenty Something – I LOVE Secret Santa’s, so I signed right up.  Today is my big reveal on who I had and the goodies I received from mine!

I was Secret Santa to the lovely Jenn from What You Make It.  I was pretty giddy with the goodies I ended up finding for her, which was nice since I was pretty clueless on what I was going to get when I went out to shop for her.

I received many goodies and even one for my little Miss Roxy, which just made me super giddy – Roxy not so much lol

Look at all those lovely goodies.  The sign is so cute, not sure where I am going to put it just yet, but I LOVE it.  The owl is so neat and different, I adore it and its already hanging on the tree as well. The bright orange scarf is so soft and lovely, now to figure out how to wear it.  The socks are cute and so festive – I love fun socks!!  And of course a much needed bookmark to my ever growing collection – its actually in the book I am reading now.  Last was the super cute Holiday collar thing for Roxy.

She kept saying why am I jingling – cause your cute silly!!  And she said MOM why is this other thing around my neck.  lol  Cause its cute!!  Now wear it and be happy.  
I loved my gifts!! Thank you Secret Santa!!