It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

Okay so it isn’t really to me, but I can pretend and hopefully that will achieve the butterflies I am used to when it comes to Christmas.  Reading through my blog posts and seeing all your beautiful decorated homes, made me realize I need to share our Holiday cheer in our house!

Our little tree.  I made something similar while in 5th grade and we used it for several years, but we ended up having to remake it a few years back, this is the remake, but I still adore this little tree and will always have one since we have the directions to make it.

I tried to achieve the photo in the ball that so many of you did, but this didn’t quite turn out as good as I was hoping.  Still cute enough though.

Roxy loves playing under the tree.  I don’t know if its because we put it in a different place this year or what, but she will not stay away from it.  She loves playing with her ball on it.

And above is the aftermath of said playtime under the tree.  What tree skirt? 

And the stockings were hung carefully under the window.  lol  We did it this way this year because we use our fireplace as the main source of heat, so Jason didn’t trust putting them off the mantel.  It’s cute though, and I think we found our new traditional placement for them.  I really need to print out an actual picture of Roxy for her stocking, the “random” dog is getting old.  lol