All About Me Friday’s–Personal Top 10 Foods

It’s a fairly easy all about me Friday prompt this week.  It asks me to tell you all my top 10 favorite foods.  Food, I do love you.  I don’t know always know what to eat though, I get hungry but nothing sounds good and nothing pulls me in.  It’s a battle sometimes just to figure out what to eat.

Here we have some of my personal favorites.

  1. Jason’s Sweet n’ Sour Chicken – and as each time I mentioned this, it’s linked for you to enjoy the recipe if you so choose. It’s amazing.  An old family recipe handed down.  It normally is with pork, but I much prefer the chicken.
  2. Nachos – YUM.  Need I really say more?  Nothing improves my mood more then a plate of cheesy nachos.
  3. Steak n’ Gravy with Mash Potatoes – I don’t think this is a “normal” dish.  Mom used to make it where she cooked up the meat and cooked up the gravy and then added the meat into the gravy to simmer a bit more. The meat is amazing this way and its one my favorites that I really rarely have.
  4. My Mom’s lasagna – it just again cheesy goodness.
  5. Pizza – but not just any pizza.  Either Juliano’s Grateful Veggie OR our homemade pizza that has chicken, feta, sundried tomatoes, artichokes – I think that is all that is on it, but its amazing!
  6. Tacos – just easy and sometimes the thing that simply hits the spot.  Weather it be chicken or beef or in a hard shell or as a taco salad.
  7. Watermelon – I LOVE watermelon, but I hate cutting it.  If I could have a machine or something to chop it up easily, then I’d eat it probably everyday.
  8. Apples with Nutella – its one of my favorite go-to snacks, usually if I am craving something kind of sweet.
  9. Berries – any and all kind of berries, give them to me, and I’ll just eat them like crazy.  It killed me the batch of strawberries I had in the fridge when yucky.  Killed.
  10. Rhubarb – yum!  I am one of those weirdo’s that likes it raw like a celery piece.  Tasty!

There we have some of my favorite foods.  I love food!!  But weirdly I tend to lean more healthy side of choices.  I am not a huge fan of chocolate, *gasp*, I know.  I do love caramel though, and chocolate with caramel is amazing!  I don’t like pies, I’d rather have cake.  I can only do small doses of sweets, period.

apple treat with nutella

What are some of your favorite food choices?  I’d love to hear them!

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