Have you heard of Advowire?

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AdvowireIf you are a social media person or a blogger and you haven’t yet heard of Advowire, then you are totally missing out!!

I have been a member of the site since its launch and I am so happy with it.  I share once a day on my twitter & my facebook blog page, that is it right now.  Linkedin is there as well for a share a day, but for some reason its never shown up as an active share option for me. There are usually several different things that need shared that day for various amounts, just pick one each for twitter & facebook and if you are lucky linkedin and then you are set for the day, come back tomorrow and do it again.

I have cashed out several times and payment is in within minutes of you cashing out. How awesome is that?
Down the road as they get know I think there will also be blogger campaigns as such from what I gather.  So get in on the ground floor and start earning.  I swear to you will love it and how easy it is!

If this all sounds good to you, then why not join today?  Just leave me your email address below and I’ll add you to my team, so I may get a boost from whenever you share!

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