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Red Kicks by Jerjonji

description from amazon:

Red Kicks by JerjonjiCaley’s new home is much different than the disciplined but comfortable life he was used to. As a rising martial arts champion whose adoptive father produces martial arts movies, Caley’s danger comes in the form of formal competitions not the daily fear of gang violence.

But the change also brings new opportunities. For the first time, Caley has a real friend, Quinn, and he is attending school instead of his usual on-set tutoring. As their friendship grows, Quinn guides Caley through the maze of gang wars and rivalries while trying to discover his own place in his world.

Among the people that Caley befriends, six year old Nicky strikes a chord in Caley that he can’t explain. He feels like he needs to protect the child from the brutality of his life. Nicky’s sudden disappearance brings Caley full circle to confront his own forgotten past as Quinn learns the real meaning of loyalty and friendship.

jerjonji’s new novel exposes the realities of gang life without stereotyping characters. The characterization of gang leaders and street people as well as doctors and film producers is rich and vibrant. Praised as her best novel yet, Red Kicks is a well told tale that will appeal to both teens and adults alike.

My Thoughts on Red Kicks by Jerjonji

I didn’t know what exactly to expect when I agreed to read this book.  Other then it was two boys bond of friendship and dealing with gangs. 

I have to admit there were parts of the books my eyes kind of glazed over when talking about the gangs and the rituals and all that.  It just wasn’t “me”.  BUT..I loved the friendship between Caley & Quinn, the bond they end up with is amazing.  Reading about that interested me and kept me reading.  I rooted for Quinn to cut ties with the gang and lead a healthy life.  I wondered how Caley was going to fit in and how he was going to do in his competitions. 

A great book though, all-in-all.  I enjoyed learning about the inner gang and how they did things, I enjoyed Mrs. Jones and her determination to change things with the youth around her and I enjoyed the family that was formed as you read the book.

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