Healthy Tuesday–Cleaning Your Fruit & Vegetables

Healthy Tuesday Washing Fruit & Vegetables

Many of you asked when I would post the pictures for my Catch the Moment 365 challenge, what I was using to wash my fruit and vegetables with.  I shared with you all when you asked, but thought this would be a perfect Healthy Tuesday post.

I found this easy solution on Pinterest and saved it, but it took me a long time to first use it.  Now I wish I had been using it my whole life.

It cleans the fruits and vegetables with ease, keeps them fresher much longer and then they are ready for you to use when you need them.

I buy a lot of fruit and vegetables and have noticed a huge difference since doing this when we get home from grocery shopping.

Just fill a sink full of water and add in a cup of white distilled vinegar,  swish the water around to mix in the vinegar.  Let your fruit and vegetables soak for ten minutes, I use the oven timer, and then take out and cut up or put away as you desire. 

I swear you’ll notice a huge difference if you do this!

Do you wash your fruit and vegetables already?  Or is this all new to you?

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