Finish This…Week #29


I am making a point not to miss anymore Finish This link up’s.  I look forward to each week’s questions, even if I draw a blank on how to answer them.  Why not take a moment and throw out a post of your own and link up with these lovely ladies?  It’s quite a bit of fun!

Finish This wouldn’t be such a success without the following beautiful ladies – Our lovely hosts are the following:  Lisa at Coastlined, Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Airzona Russums, and Becky at The Java Mama!  Check them out and then play along!

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I add spice to my life by…
adding in black pepper, jalapeno’s, red pepper flakes – yea not exactly creative or anything, but I draw a blank on that question and fitting in with the rest of the upcoming questions

Bacon is…
Delicious, but oh so bad for you.  I try to limit how much we have it in our household, but its oh so good and yummy.  We love it just as is, in BST’s (Spinach instead of lettuce), and in other forms of yummy goodness.

The perfect meal…
is any I don’t make.  I HATE cooking, but I really try and be better at making it so Jason doesn’t have to, but I fail most of the time.  One of my all time favorite meals though is Jason’s sweet n’ sour chicken

My favorite food to grill is…
anything really.  I love veggies and fruit on the grill though.  Jason last year decided to try out peaches on the grill and they were amazing.  And I just say on Kelly and Michael that its really tasty to grill up watermelon – we may need to try that one soon.  I love kabobs.  I love chicken and I like hot dogs and burgers.  Anything will be okay with me.

I beat the heat by…
whining and crying.  But no really.  Drinking tons of water, letting the fan run on me.  I’d love to say that I run to the water, but we haven’t been near water in quite a few years.  I shouldn’t say near, cause there is water all around us, but we just don’t go like we did in Idaho.  I wish that we had our above ground pool that we did in Idaho, we don’t really have anywhere for it here, sadly.  It would be the perfect way to beat the heat.

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  • aprilaakre

    I love bacon too I try not to eat a lot also. I love kabobs too, I have never grilled watermelon before

    • kabobs are the BEST – its normally our tradition for the 4th of July, I missed it this year. We have to try to grill watermelon before the season is out

  • Maggie C

    My favorite food to grill is beef. It just tastes better cooked that way! It also means that I’m not in charge of checking on how rare it is 🙂

    • haha – love that. I love that when using the grill its so much quicker and easier all together! Bonus points lol