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Group Friendships

Group Friendships

I have had this topic of Group Friendships running around in my head quite awhile, but never knew how to get started on it.  A couple weeks ago I asked people on my personal facebook the following question:  

I have an idea running around my head for a blog post about group friendship. Those kind of friendships that go places and do things together in bunches.

Do you have a group like this? How did it come about? What kind of things do you do? Oh and you have do have this group, do you mind sharing a photo that I could add into my blog post?

I have dreams about going and renting a beach house with a huge group of people. I love group vacations, group outings, etc. I am jealous of the people that have that huge group.

Would love your input to have various thoughts to add…Thanks in advance. 

I actually got a pretty decent group of answers, most agreeing with how great it would be to have a group of friends that were all friends with each other and did things together in a big group.  I’ll touch on what their thoughts were a bit more in depth a bit later.

Even though I am very quiet in person, I enjoy big groups.  You might not hear much from me sometimes, but there is just some huge comfort and enjoyment in being in a big group.  I have this big visions of having a group of friends that went out to happy hours, vacations, various other adventures, and are always there for each other.

Being that I am so quiet, making friends is very hard for me in person.  I usually add people on facebook so I can connect with them and for them to get to know me better and vica versa, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want a real life friendship too, its just easier for me to get to know you online first.  If I add you on facebook after meeting you in real life, it means that I want to get to know you and like you and want you in my life.  It’s really as easy as that, but sometimes people don’t bother to actually make a connection.  After that the more time I spend with you in person, the more I open up and the more comfortable I get. 

I think its probably odd for me being so quiet, to crave the group friendship like I do.  I get green with envy on my friend Shane’s group friendship, they are always sharing photos of big group outings and happiness.  They have been to Mexico, Las Vegas and Bend, not to mention just regular everyday group outings.  See below the happiness and the laughter and the fun?

Group Friendship - Shanes Clan

I know that group friendships aren’t all roses and happiness.  I thought I’d do a run down a bit of what I can think of as pro’s and con’s of group friendships.


  • Always have a group to split cost of a vacation with.  You can rent a big house and all go on vacation and it won’t be that spendy for each of you. You can then have drinking, games and fun while on vacation and make memories.
  • Camping!  Omg, I love camping and we just hate to go by ourselves, it just gets boring.  Do you know how fun camping can be with a good group of friends?
  • Just being there for each other, simple as that.
  • Have to host a party? (Like I do quite often sometimes) No problem, you have a ready made group ready to help you do what needs to be done.  PARTY!
  • Game night.  Why yes you have enough people to play that game you have been wanting to play.  Get ready for some laughter and fun.
  • Happy Hour.  No more boring time sitting there with you just the two of you.  You have a group ready to enjoy the benefits of cheaper drinks and food.


  • Needing private time.  I had someone mention this as a con of a group vacation, but I think this could be easily put on the pro because you are more then welcome to alone time.  Have your own room, go sight-see with just your family and come back when you are ready for the group again.   I can see though why this would fit into here sometimes.
  • A couple friends have a fight.  Oh no, having to choose sides or none at all and then having to be careful about who you invite where.
  • Feeling like you HAVE to go out when maybe you don’t want to.

I am sure there are a ton other things that could be put into the pro and con areas, but that is what I can think of at this time.

I have to say that I do have Chicks Weekend, which is a group of woman that go together once a year and rent a house somewhere and get together for several days.  While I LOVE that, I just want my whole family there too.  Ya know?  

Now I’d love your thoughts on Group Friendships.  Do you have one?  Do you want one? What do you see as the pro and cons of them?