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Natural Goal - Vitamin B Complex Bottle

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I’ve wondered for quite awhile if I was low in the Vitamin B complex since I have had some nerve issues here and there.  Not wanting to buy the pills myself yet to see if that would help them out, I was lucky enough to be approached to try out one of Natural Goal’s products. Since I have been wondering if I am lacking my B vitamins, I quickly knew what product I wanted to try out.  I picked the Ulimate Vitamin B Complex.

Natural Goal - Vitamin B Complex Bottle

What is a Vitamin B Complex you ask?  This is the description from amazon:

How Does It Work?
B Vitamins are known essential water-soluble vitamins which are crucial for growth, development, and a variety of functions in the body. These are imperative in the activities of enzymes and proteins that are responsible in regulating chemical reactions in the body essential for turning food into energy and other important substances.

Does It Really Work?
B vitamin benefits have been proven by scientists through numerous studies and clinical trials since the early 1900s.

• Supports healthy functioning of the muscles, nerves, and the heart.
• Helps regulate the nervous system supports metabolic processes.
• Helps regulate cholesterol levels and essential for normal growth and development
• Supports the immune functions and helps in breaking down proteins in the body.
• Helps regulate blood sugar levels and promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.
• Helps in the production and maintenance of DNA.

I have been using it since the 18th of July, so almost a full month, and haven’t noticed a difference with my nerve issues.  I take one in the morning with my smoothie or juicing juice and let it settle in there with that food.  It says to take one a day with a meal.  

While I haven’t noticed a difference with my nerves or any outward signs of improvement, I do believe that my insides are happy with the Vitamin B Complex.  It helps so many inside things, that it doesn’t hurt taking it since any Vitamin B that you don’t need in your body it just pees out, so no worry of overdosing on a Vitamin overload.  I may have noticed less of a backache though and a tiny bit more zip in my day.

The size of the pill itself is a normal sized pill, so no worries about having to try and swallow a horse sized pill.  There is smell when you opened the bottle, but no smell or aftertaste with just the single pill you take each day.

Natural Goal - Vitamin B Complex Pill Size

You get 100 pills in this bottle of Ultimate Vitamin B Complex at $16.95 right now at Amazon.  Great price for that many day of pills.  I highly recommend you check them out and try them out yourself.